Grand Theft Auto V’s Michael De Santa Spotted on HBO's Boardwalk Empire

Ned Luke, the actor who lended his voice for the character of Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V, appeared this past weekend in the latest episode of Boardwalk Empire, entitled "All In." In the episode, he plays an unnamed "Boorish Man" who gloats over a game of cards with main characters Nucky Thompson and Arnold Rothstein. He also has some words and a later encounter with supporting character, Meyer Lansky.

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FantasyStar1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Debut starts at 0:37. Save yourself the 37 seconds. If you want to see him in pain: skip to 5:22

TransientDreamer1693d ago

Forgive my editing (it was my first time with Vegas). Just wanted to provide the scene's continuity.

ricochetmg1693d ago

I been trying to get vegas forever

TransientDreamer1693d ago

Yep, without a doubt. I just finished the game last night so I recognize that voice anywhere.

thechosenone1693d ago

watch the whole thing though it's great....a bit graphic at the end so if that's not your thing then stop it at 5:18.

BiggCMan1693d ago

If people clicked on this because of liking GTA V, it's not graphic for them XD

thechosenone1693d ago

video game violence and the realistic stuff you see in BWE are very, very different...but I get what you mean. ;)

matrixman921693d ago of my favorite shows and I didnt even realize it

soniqstylz1692d ago

Not a "favorite" of mine, but I do watch it, and had no idea either. I think it was the tension in the scene had me distracted.

boing11693d ago

And Steven Ogg (Trevor) was in first episode of 3rd season of Person of Interest.

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