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Another three Mega Evolutions revealed for Pokemon X/Y

Leaks have revealed three brand new Mega Evolutions based on classic Pokemon. (3DS, Pokemon X and Y)

kirbyu  +   735d ago
TechOne  +   735d ago
Bhuahahaha  +   735d ago
as always some (reviewers) got early access to it and leak it online
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TekoIie  +   735d ago
I actually think these designs are pretty good.

Gengar and Ambomasnow got some good designs! I predict Gengar will lose levitate based off the pics :)
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rezzah  +   735d ago
It appears that added spikes equal mega evolution.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   735d ago
not confirmed
Steelmanner  +   735d ago
They didn't even try on the Aerodactyl evolution. Come on if you want to fake something, make it believable.
Thirty3Three  +   735d ago
They were leaked by the initial leaker. They're legit.
TripC50  +   735d ago
To everybody saying these are fake!....

They are the real deal..sorry.
kayoss  +   735d ago
A mega evolution would be charizard turning into Godzilla, scyther turning into wolverine,, mewtwo turning into professor X, or pikahu turning into a 50,000 volt taser.
mii-gamer  +   735d ago
not gonna click. I like a sense of mystery when i play pokemon
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   735d ago
Mega gengar looks ridiculous.

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