What is Tecmo's Deception Series

Tecmo is coming back to the West and it's kind of a big deal.

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Donnywho1813d ago

Memories, from the original on Ps1.

JeepGamer1813d ago

A lot of fun. I wish they'd make a new one.

tulholdren1813d ago

Loved those games. Wish them would make them again..

CLOUD19831813d ago

Can't w8 to play this I had gr8 fun with the first one, I hope it will keep the dark atmosphere of the first one & the crazy story, oh I really want to see some gameplay! Devil's Deception with PS3 visuals holy-moly this is gonna be amazing! :D

DarkBlood1812d ago

wow i need to track down other games if possible, never played these before but i look forward to get the new game at least