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PlayStation Euphoria writes: "Rockstar has proved this generation that the open-world game can thrive in almost any time frame. From the Wild West in Red Dead Redemption to the post World War II environment of LA Noire. Games like Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV have also evolved Rockstar as a studio but now we finally see the culmination of all their efforts of this generation. Rockstar Games and Rockstar North put everything on the table for what will likely be their last venture in the current generation of console gaming with Grand Theft Auto V. Does the game stack up to the hype it has received? Or does it fall short and become the next most overrated game this generation?"

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BiggCMan1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

That's about what I give it. I really enjoyed the game all together, and after all the hype died down I was finally able to see it better. It's not the megaton everyone expected in my opinion.

A great game, with a fairly shallow story, great graphics, endless hours to put into it, and multiplayer which we haven't yet seen to the fullest extent that could be hit or miss right now.

8.5 is a more fair, less blind score.

EDIT: Oh I must add, it's just leagues above what GTA 4 could ever be. It is essentially exactly what I wanted, that classic GTA feel that is witty and hilarious. Only the story left a little more to be desired.

Allsystemgamer1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

For me the 2 gotys are GTA and tlou. Both completely different experiences. I'm primarily pc (playing bf4 beta right now) but personally it goes to tlou. GTA behind by .5. Simply because of some performance issues. Trevor is definitely my favourite character this gen. I love him but I really don't want to haha. It's odd. Rock star really pulled his character off perfectly. You're not supposed to like him but you do. Maybe because I'm Canadian?! Lol

Deltaguy1780d ago

yep i also beliove it's a 8.5 great game over all! Last of us still my GOTY

FlunkinMonkey1780d ago

Sorry, i accidentally disagreed, i'm properly hungover and have temporarily lost my motor skills.

TLOU is GOTY by a country mile in my eyes so far.

Tornadobounce1780d ago

It's a shame about the online stuff up. I think gta is losing its grip on being itself.

-epidemic-1780d ago

I absolutely agree with this score... finished the game yesterday and was really let down by the story. (I value story as much as gameplay)

Allsystemgamer1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

I found the story rather great. The archs were different than most. Yes tlou had spectacular execution but the story itself wasn't special, it was simply HOW it was told that made it amazing.

My analysis of stories comes from a film background etc. Most stories are told it's how they're executed that makes them stand out. GTA told a game story not often told.

Dfooster1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

I agree the story wasn't amazing. When it ended I was thinking is that it. I was expecting much more variety in the final heist, for example boats rarely got a look in in the whole game. I just felt there were so many more mission varieties that rockstar past on to make it an all time classic game for me, and finally I found it a bit easy. The auto aim should have definitely been mandatory, but it was a very easy game to complete.

Having said all that I loved the game and it deserves at least a 9. My jaw was still dropping to the floor at times at how beautiful the world looked 60-70 hours in and clearly a lot of love and effort went into making it.