More Pokemon Leaks Reveal a Slug and a Set of Keys

8CN: Some new screenshots from the game were uploaded tonight on /vp/, 4chan's Pokemon imageboard and they feature a slug Pokemon named Sliggoo and a set of keys, Klefki. Interestingly enough, Sliggoo is a Dragon type Pokemon based on the image. We can probably make a guess that the keys are Ghost type.

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majiebeast1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

First looks like a repainted Slugma.
Second i dont even know its like they mixed Digimon and Persona together.

I bet they let this guy design some of the new Pokemon.

Here is another leaked pokemon be warned it looks crap.

1813d ago
Omar911813d ago

I remember back in the day when pokemon were based off of animals and plants, not random objects.

CaptainYesterday1813d ago

Well things change..right Snake?

RockmanII71813d ago

The keys aren't part of the Pokemon, it just likes them so it collects keys.

TripC501813d ago

aww in that case, that is a cute and clever idea for a pokemon. Thats where my keys went!.

AWBrawler1813d ago

sigh, let an old pokemon guru prove the utter BS in your statement.
Gen 1: ditto is a piece of clay or gum, magnemite and magneton are magnets, porygon is just polygons, electrode and voltorb are pokeballs, geodude is a rock with a face, exeggcute is boiled cracked eggs.

So since the beginning there were non animal pokemon.

thehobbyist1812d ago

But they weren't abundant as they are now. I mean come on. A Pokemon made from a key ring? That's laziness in design if I ever saw it.

Swiggins1813d ago

The slug probably evolves into something awesome...the set of Keys...what is this...I don't even.

kirbyu1813d ago

Am I the only one here who likes the set of keys?

rageus1813d ago

I disagreed because you're not the only one. I like it too