Is It Possible That The PS4 Will Be Better Advertised Than Xbox One?

Sony isn't known for their great marketing of PlayStation products, but do you think they've learned their lesson? Will PS4 ads be everywhere in 2013?

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Smoovekid1813d ago

With the way Microsoft has been advertising the PS4 it will be.

Ezz20131813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

i think MS PR is doing a great job at making ps4 look even better

miyamoto1813d ago

word of mouth is the best seller of ps4

Eonjay1813d ago

Not sure. Microsoft has a lot of money for advertisements.

Godmars2901813d ago

Yes. But as they say its not about size but what you do with it.

Even more so in that regard its Sony which has a clear message and a system which is more powerful and accessible. Meanwhile MS is trying to re-tailor their message while trying to keep to the old.

FITgamer1813d ago

I still haven't seen any Xone tv commercials yet. I've seen that PS4 taco bell commercial and the Greatness Awaits on a daily basis.

Hicken1813d ago

Not only that, but the PS4 spots are on during big-view events. I've seen it like a dozen times today, most of which were during the NLDS baseball games.

FITgamer1813d ago

One thing i thought was odd is that Microsoft made a deal with the NFL and they show that Taco Bell commercial during almost every game.

Hicken1813d ago

That's also true. Sony's definitely getting their system the exposure it needs.

I've seen a handful of XB1-related commercials, mostly in relation to FIFA, NCAA, and Madden.

Not very promising, to be honest.

WeAreLegion1813d ago

Yes. Sony went with a great firm this time around. They really know how to sell stuff. Also, Yoshida's pretty good with a handicam.

JimmyLmao1813d ago

"Sony isn't known for their great marketing of PlayStation products"

well they have been marketing the PS4 extremely well so far, let's hope they keep it up.

and i think Sony has hired new marketing teams... because everything Sony has amazing marketing at the moment, especially the Xperia Z mobile phones

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