Nintendo Considering Cross Buy If There is Demand From Developers

In a recent interview with Dan Adelman from Nintendo of America, the executive was asked whether he was aware of the cross buy feature on other platforms and whether Nintendo was considering this approach for the Wii U and 3DS.

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Benjaminkno1690d ago

Yeah, we already know that. Nintendo is combining their HQ so there won't really be cross-buy ever.

The next DS will probably be announced as compatible with WiiU after it takes off.

Xof1690d ago

Why would the "next DS" be compatible with WiiU? If anything, Nintendo's next generation handheld would be compatible with Nintendo's next generation home console.

Benjaminkno1690d ago

Because soon all games will be downloadable anyway.

They've already announced the merge with both hardware. There won't be a "next console"... just plug your console in to the TV and when your done, put it in your pocket.

too early?

3-4-51690d ago

Does this hint/mean that their are more games coming out for both platforms like Super Smash is ?

ziggurcat1690d ago

cross buy would an amazing thing for them to implement. it's awesome with the PS3/vita, so it'll be great for the wii U/DS.

ZodTheRipper1690d ago

Although I think that listening to developers should be priority 2 in this case - consumers definately want it so the POSSIBILITY to do it should be given by Nintendo without asking anyone. It's one of the best features Sony has and one of the main reasons I bought a Vita instead of a 3DS.

cero551690d ago

Super smash bros cross buy would be so good,i doubt they would do it since smash will sell millions on each platform.

admiralvic1690d ago

It probably wouldn't be PlayStation side either. They're "different" games (like the 3DS has portable maps and the Wii U version has console maps), which typically is what prevents some games from being cross buy. One example of this is Sine Mora.

LoaMcLoa1690d ago

Well, since the new Super Smash doesn't feauture cross-play it wouldn't make sense to have cross-buy.

LOL_WUT1690d ago

Nothing wrong with them copying the competition if it means making some sort of profit them more power to them. ;)

Xof1690d ago

Cross-Buy never earns profit on the software side of things. It's primarily a way to encourage hardware sales.

Basically, in it's current incarnation (on PS3 and Vita), it's a way to encourage PS3 owners to buy a Vita, by essentially giving them "free" Vita games. The idea being that they'll be more likely to buy a Vita since they'll be able to play games they already own on it, than they would if they didn't have any games to play on it.


In terms of applying the cross-buy model to Nintendo... I don't really see it happening. I guess... the reverse might work--buy a 3DS game, get a WiiU version for free or at a discount--but it seems unlikely given the much higher MSRP or WiiU games, and the fact that very few games are on both platforms.

Eonjay1690d ago

This is an odd statement. Shouldn't there be crossbuy if there is demand from the consumers?

Xof1690d ago

This is Nintendo.

They -hate- listening to consumers. I'm not being facetious here, representatives of the company have stated (many times over the decades) that they tend to ignore consumer feedback entirely.

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The story is too old to be commented.