PS4 will outsell the Xbox One in UK IDC predicts

International Data Corporation (IDC) has predicted that Sony's Playstation 4 (PS4) will outsell Microsoft's Xbox One as the most popular games console this Christmas.

Also mentions non-console competition from the likes of Valve/Steam, Ouya...

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ATi_Elite1533d ago

I'm curious as to who will be bold enough to predict which console will have the most sales on the planet Mars.

Eonjay1533d ago

Not sure, that would be foolish, but here on Earth we use predictions and speculation to create informed decision on supply chain. Investors use predictions to decide where to place their funds to maximize returns.

NewMonday1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )


Actually that is an easy question..

Tied at ZERO

Blackdeath_6631533d ago

they also use pre-order numbers

gaffyh1533d ago

It's not a huge stretch though to believe this. Xbone is more expensive than PS3 at launch, is £80 more than PS4, and doesn't have a year and a half lead to get an installed base.

showtimefolks1533d ago

is there any place where ps4/xbox one is launching where ps4 will not outsell xbox one?

price matters
quality matters(sony has a brand name more in international countries,)
psn-plus is awesome
sony owns so many studios so awesome exclusives guaranteed

but in no way am i saying xbox one will not do well, i believe both will sell out so end of the day great competition, means greater services/content

Mystogan1533d ago

Yeah didn't need to be a scientist to predict this. Next year will be interesting though.

moodymofo1533d ago

its hard to say but im sure there is a demand for the ps4 on mars being that the console is out of this world lol

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kratos_TheGoat1533d ago

is that fact or their opinion who know the future holds anything can happen

Hicken1533d ago

... it's a prediction. It even says so in the title.

And it's a reasonable one, all thing considered.

WorldGamer1533d ago

DAT $100 difference.... Could be the deciding factor for many in the end.

thehitman1533d ago

Ya its going to hurt. MS doing what Sony did last gen but in all the wrong ways... Sony trojan horsed blu-ray and it paid off we are all using that still even today as the new standard, while MS trojan horsed Kinect that nobody cares about and is a proprietary piece of technology that comes off gimmicky. Probably next year they will release a Kinectless SKU for 349.99 when they start selling Kinect at a standalone. If people really want an xb1 I recommend waiting until then if you dont want to pay for a glorified camera.

SniperControl1533d ago

Same here Hitman, I am looking to get the X1 Christmas 2014, but only if the price is less than £300 and has no kinnect in the box.
My main purchase next year will be the Oculus Rift for my PC(& PS4 hopefully)
But I cant wait for my PS4 day 1!

Mystogan1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

How do you know that the Kinect won't pay off like the bluray did? Many people said that we didn't really need bluray and nobody cared about it either.
IMO Kinect 2 is already guaranteed to be awesome for navigation. Now all we need for it are some more games!

Also don't compare this the Sony's mistake. The PS3 was $200 more than the X360. The X1 is only $100 more than the PS4, which is easily justified by Kinect.

mkis0071533d ago

@ Mystogan...and the bluray easily justified the $600 ps3 the next lowest bluray player was $1000 at the time. I want to know if releasing the first kinect could have hurt xbox1 kinect in the long run, people could have lost interest. I really think the motion gaming fad wore off, and MS may have done wrong by releasing the first kinect and numbing people to it.

Chevalier1533d ago

My EB games store where I work (in Canada) has 325 PS4 preorders and 52 Xbox ones and it's not even close. These numbers is literally unheard of. All the 9 stores in my city have PS4 just decimating Xbox One. It's 4-1 or 3-1 currently across Canada.

monkey6021533d ago

It's the same story with xtra vision hmv and gamestop in ireland

Cryptcuzz1532d ago

That is a huge difference in preorder ratios for the two consoles. I wonder what the ratios are for other retail stores and in different regions of the world respectively.

If PS4 preorders are like that consistently throughout the USA as well, where its competitor usually has strong support, than the PS4 is off to a tremendously good start.

The momentum leading up to launch for the PS4 is huge! If its competitor does not off set this someway - some how shortly after both are launched, PS4 could be the runaway success similar to the PS2.

Allsystemgamer1533d ago

I don't know. Single person buying an x1 and I'm in college...I know a lot of people lol

nunley331533d ago

and i suppose some of these people you know owns a 360 too,which is more troubling for ms if large numbers of them don't "jump in" for xbone.

Mystogan1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

They're just waiting Sony fans are just very impatient. They all ran and pre-ordered. That is typically Sony fanboy behavior. They all have this "Lets all go do this mentality" exhibit A, Sony fanboys start petition begging Sony not to have DRM,
Exhibit B Sony fanboys start petition for capcom to make Dead Rising 3 for PS4 too.
Exhibit C Sony fanboys start petition for DMC and Final Fantasy to stay Playstation Exclusive.

You can google all of these I guarantee you its all true.

I have never heard about Xbox fanboys starting a
petition asking for Sony exclusives nor asking to make something stay exclusive like Mass Effect and BioShock. I challenge you to search for one.

But anyway, in the end you'll see sales will be very close. This year I think they already won,Because of the X1's rough start. But next year the real war starts.

mkis0071533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

@Mystogan There is a petition to bring kingdom hearts 1.5 hd to ps3. there was one for mgs4...its not god to talk in absolutes becasue one find is enough to prove it wrong.
I am absolutly not a sony fanboy and yes I have a day 1 ps4 preorder. I do lean towards Sony because like their variety more. I plan on getting a x1 as soon as a game that I want is on it, if that is before or after a price drop idk. I bought a 360 this gen for, like many others, the multiplatform games that ran better on it. Next gen looks like that system will be Ps4.

Jdoki1533d ago


That's the most myopic and ridiculous comment I've seen in a long time.

So you're telling us that for some reason MS fans are bastions of patience and DON'T want the latest shiniest toy on release, and yet for some reason Sony fans are mindless sheep who will buy anything on Day 1.

So I guess that the 360 selling out for months after launch was just an aberration? Was it all lies that 360's were selling for 3 times their RRP on ebay over the Xmas launch period? And I guess the slow start for the PS3 was all fabrication?

Allsystemgamer1532d ago

They do own 360s lol. I do. I loved it up until MS stopped with the support

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