Mark Rein: No chance of PS3 UT3 split-screen - PS3 owners "should be happy" with user-generated mod support

PS3 owners can forget about split-screen coming to Unreal Tournament 3, Mark Rein has told

Speaking to at the official unveiling of the Xbox 360 version of the game in Las Vegas this week, Rein said that PS3 owners "should be happy" with the inclusion of user generated mod support.

When asked if split-screen will ever come to the PS3 version of UT3, Rein replied: "I don't think so, because this is what's in this (the Xbox 360 version) game. I think it would be a big job to go back and retrofit that game for split-screen. I just don't think we have the resources to do that unfortunately."

Rein did, however, reveal that Epic hopes to "make some improvements" with mod support on PS3 "some time down the road", although he didn't want to commit to specifics.

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BlackIceJoe3892d ago

Well that sucks I would love a patch for Split-screen. I would even pay for it. I think 5 dollars would be the price I would pay. But if Epic does not want to bring it over to the PS3 I am not going to get mad. But there loss they could have had some free cash.

Cwalat3892d ago

i think this is a new low for Epic,
its not PS3 fault that MS are stuborn...
so why do this ? i know we got mods but still... its not like they'll loose something on it...

this is a total bi*ch slap in every PS3 owners face who bought UT3..
basically saying, f**k u, no u already got a cooky and because ´Timmys mom didnt want him to get one u wont get a popstikkle..

Fishy Fingers3892d ago

Stop being dramatic...

"this is a total bi*ch slap in every PS3 owners face who bought UT3"

when you bought UT you didnt know the 360 was getting split screen so why should it bother you now? You thought it was worth it then, whats changed?

Soren the Cat3892d ago

I'm going to go ahead and say your metaphor lost me a little bit, and I don't think it was because of the spelling.

jackdoe3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

@fishy fingers, the difference is that before the 360 details were revealed, people thought that it (split screen) wasn't possible. After split-screen was revealed, people realized it was possible and should have been in the PS3 version as well.

Cwalat3892d ago

okey i got a little bit over the top there...
but u gotta agree...
PS3 had nothing to do with the fact that MS wont let mods into 360..
so why should PS3 get less ? splitscreen is pretty huge for many ppl... especially fokes that want to invite friends over to try the game out...

mark rein decides to cut out PS3 from the splitscreen party, not Sony...

Palodios3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

I rarely make predictions, but I SAID, downright, that this was going to happen, and it did. I was really hoping for a 4-player split-screen when this game first launched, because that's what I like, multiplayer split-screen. The gameplay of UT3 is downright incredible and the graphics are gorgeous, but in all honesty there is nothing to this game but online. 5 gameplay modes, crummy AI for Warfare, and no splitscreen? I'm not bashing the game, its multiplayer is topnotch, but no one can deny that the singleplayer experience is just awful. No wonder why this game sold so poorly, anyone who wanted the game is just waiting to play it on XBOX live.
Seriously, give us PS3 owners some respect and maybe people like me will buy your game instead of just renting it.

psycho3603891d ago

Sad, but it might have been due to dismal sales on ps3.

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pwnsause3892d ago

its obviously to make up for the no mods issue on the 360, so they kept that exclusive for them.

chaosatom3333892d ago

At least this cleared that they are NO-MODS.

nutjuice3892d ago

Free mods via download through LIVE.

pwnsause3892d ago

nutjuice, you mean free maps, not user generated mods. the mods that pc users create to send them to the other console.

SonySoldiers3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )


"It looks like the PS3's user-generated content didn't make it over to 360, then (presumably due to Microsoft's strict closed network approach on Xbox Live), but IGN says all of the downloadable content made for PC and PS3 will also appear on Xbox Live Marketplace."


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kewlkat0073892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Yes unfortunately Gears of War 2 beckons the call and we must and will deliver this Nov.

So no Mods..oh well I'll live.
Ok I feel better now now get to it.

nutjuice3892d ago

would never have been made in regards to Microsoft and it's obvious how Epic feels about Sony, and it's fans.

games4fun3892d ago has some awesome mods people should take a look at the "nowhere" map it has a lot of destructable environments and the ut2d mod is great its just too hard for people to figure out how to do a simple file transfer? i wish more people bought the game and could take advantage of all the free stuff i also wish that Epic made a decent sp mode for it though it would have gotten more sales/reviews if it had