Bungie teases possible beta key give away

Bungie has just given out a tease on their Facebook page for Destiny Beta

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alexkoepp1810d ago

How about you give them to all the people that have achievements in your games over the last 10 years?

listenkids1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Alienate people who are pro Sony? That wouldn't go down very well for this new venture. ( Not that I'm against being rewarded )

SITH1810d ago

Yeah, they are really going to alienate them with exclusive content.

KwietStorm1810d ago

Because they would still need a way to hand them out to PlayStation gamers. Might as well keep the same distribution process across the board.

CarnageXB1810d ago

its not that hard to get one. Just go on amazon and preorder a copy of destiny. They send you a code to activate on bungies website within a day. Then just cancel your preorder on amazon. Or keep it.

Gasian1810d ago

Same thing I did, friend.

BadlyPackedKeebab1809d ago

ditto, once I am regged ill stick to my shopto preorder that already exists.

spicelicka1810d ago

I wonder how the beta is gonna work. It's an open world mmo like shooter so are they just gonna give us limited space to explore with public events happening at random?

cl19831810d ago

I'm guessing it'll be a few large open area's with individual missions being rotated as testing needs arise.