RGN Daily News #60: GTA Online Patch + Stress Test Event Tomorrow

Jon of RealGamerNewz writes, "In today's episode of RGN Daily News from RealGamerNewz we go over the top new stories of the day including GTA's incoming Stress Test Event and Online Patch but also detail how the Oddworld New N Tasty game really needs your support and how Sony allowed Naughty Dog to say no to a Daxter game in addition to why they did it.

- Top News of October 3, 2013
- GTA Online Patch Coming Tomorrow
- PlayStation App on iOS / Android Drops Same Time as PS4
- Mighty No. 9 Reached ALL Stretch Goals: PC / PS3 / 360 / X1 / PS4 / 3DS / Vita
- Naughty Dog Asked Sony ‘Do We Have To?’ Make Daxter Remake, Sony Said ‘No’
- Oddworld Inhabitants Needs Support + Sales for New ‘n’ Tasty to Make More Games
- DJ Killzown Jones Announces Upcoming Target Practice Mixtapes Event
- New RGN IndieSpotlight Launched for Ranvestorm: Rift of Souls
- And More"

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