Nintendo's New Approach to Digital Games: Worth It or Not?

Entertainment Fuse writes: "Since the advent of the Wii U eShop, Nintendo has been pulling off some nifty sales for their digital platform. On the Virtual Console front, we’ve seen buy-2-get-1-free with Street Fighter II and Kirby games as well as a buy-1-get-one-half-off on Mario titles. Despite console manufacturers having their marketplaces up for some time, we haven’t really seen this type of sale from them on a decently regular basis until Nintendo’s next-gen console launched last year."

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Xof1810d ago

Obviously not.

It doesn't matter how many sales or promotions Nintendo does, so long as they insist on selling digital games at full retail prices and refuse to link digital content to users instead of hardware, they'll always be too anachronistic to much bother with.

TwilightBites1810d ago

So digital versions of retail games should cost less why? BTW, digital content is linked. All you have to do is call nintendo with your new wii u and get verified and you can re-download all your old stuff.

deathstriker1810d ago

It costs millions of dollars to make disks, boxes, manuals, etc so if that step is being skipped then (ideally) the consumer should see some savings. Just like with grocery stores who hire less cashiers and want you to check yourself out. If that's the case then food should cost a little less since they're spending less.

Xof1810d ago

Production, distribution and licensing costs amount to something like 60% of the retail price. Digital distribution cuts all those costs completely--a digital game sold for 50% the cost of its retail counterpart will still accrue MORE profit.

And Nindnto games are not linked to individual accounts no matter how you look at it. If your 3DS or WiiU breaks, you have to physically ship it to Nintendo to repair it, or ship both the old system AND a new system to have them transfer the content licenses from one piece of hardware to the other.

Content is, to be specific, linked to the individual serial-numbers of your hardware.

I've seen people post this "just call Nintendo and they'll transfer your stuff for you" posted too many times to count... but if you actually bother to speak with Nintendo, they will tell you--in no uncertain terms--that it's not possible.

And even if it was, they'd still be transferring licenses from one piece of hardware to another. If you think that's even remotely acceptable in this day and age, or would EVER have been remotely acceptable, I can only assume you've only ever experienced digital distribution through Nintendo.

Or iTunes.

Nevers0ft1810d ago

Personally I don't think it needs to cost less, but it needs to be priced competitively with retail... Games now widely discounted on the high street are still full RRP on the eShop.

ZeekQuattro1809d ago

Its nice to see someone with sense on here. The way many people talk on here you would think you had no way of getting back lost games if something happened with your original console or handheld.

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for we are many1810d ago

My 2TB Buffalo hdd says Yes!!

MNGamer-N1809d ago

I prefer physical media ALWAYS (except for VC and Indie games of course) so I will be one to painfully wait out delayed releases. My inner collector says NO to downloads.