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Submitted by WonsAuto 861d ago | opinion piece

Thursday Throwdown: What One PS4 Game Is Your Launch Must-Have?

"It’s time for another Thursday Throwdown, where Joe, David, and Travis take a topic and offer their individual take. Sometimes they’ll agree, and many times they won’t — they’re unique little butterflies like that.

This week’s topic is simple: If you could buy just one PlayStation 4 launch title, which would you choose?" (PS4)

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ABeastNamedTariq  +   861d ago
Killzone for me, hands down.
dogiffedu246   861d ago | Spam
NewMonday  +   861d ago
1- BF4
2- KZ SF
3- Knack

Later looking forward to Infamous SS
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PoSTedUP  +   861d ago
later looking forward to H-hour: worlds elite! this, could be the best gen, ever. :' )
badz149  +   861d ago
if a gun to the head, just 1, my pick would be KZSF.

if not, then add Knack too!
e3kehoe  +   861d ago
Ive got the same lineup.
Boody-Bandit  +   861d ago
KZ is my number one but I'm picking up several games at launch. I always go a little over the top when a new console is released. I will probably take home 7 or 8 games day one.
UltimateMaster  +   861d ago
Eonjay  +   861d ago
Watch Dogs
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   861d ago

same here....I go totally ape shit when new consoles drop. I plan to take home at least 7 or 8 games from bestbuy(watch dogs,nba 2k14,madden 25,battlefield 4,assassin's creed,killzone,need for speed and driveclub) then download several f2p games like blacklight and warframe. But before all of that,I want to swap out the hard drive for a 1tb,any info would be appreciated!
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CGI-Quality  +   861d ago
Nothing else to say. Same here.
rambi80  +   861d ago
Pokemon!!!...Just kidding, i want infamous SS when it comes out
majiebeast  +   861d ago
Killzone SF/Resogun and maybe Knack if they release a demo.
arbitor365  +   861d ago
killzone for life. but also some driveclub, resogun, and planetside 2
patsrule316  +   861d ago
I am only buying one launch game, and it is Watch Dogs. I'll pick up Assassin's Creed IV later, and maybe Killzone when it gets under $20. But at launch, its just Watch Dogs plus free games, for a few months.
first1NFANTRY  +   861d ago
Killzone/Planetside 2 enough said.
Omar91  +   861d ago
I wanted to buy both killzone and BF4 however after seeing how I never liked BF3 and thought the graphics and network problems were an issue, I will probably skip BF4 altogether but who knows.

So It might just be killzone for me
MysticStrummer  +   861d ago
Probably Killzone, but possibly Battlefield 4. A few months ago I would have said Watch Dogs, but the more I see of that game the less interested I am, especially after playing GTA5 so much recently.

Along with one of those I'll have Drive Club PS+ and DC Universe Online, with Warframe getting a look at some point. Is War Thunder a launch title? If so, I'll be all over that too. Oh yeah... Blacklight: Retribution will also get a look. lol

Hopefully some version of Planetside 2 will be playable soon after launch. Even if it's a beta, I'll be in for that.
Brucis  +   861d ago
Honestly? None of them. They look fun but they aren't 'Oh god I have to have this now'. The games I'm most excited for release after PS4's launch, like Destiny and The Division.
PoSTedUP  +   861d ago

oops, i posted that here? My bad. : p
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jagstatboy  +   860d ago
Agree, I'm waiting for Infamous SS before I get a PS4.
Acquiescence  +   861d ago
Doki-Doki Universe
Not even kidding - it looks rad. Gives me a rad-on.
GABRIEL1030  +   861d ago
jdktech2010  +   861d ago
Definitely Battlefield 4. I want that 64 player goodness on my TV.

After that Killzone and either Watch Dogs or AC4 (seriously I can't decide which one to choose)
weirdo  +   861d ago
Goku781  +   861d ago
I guess I should be careful what I wish for because there are now way too many games coming out of interest. But def killzone and resogun.
smashman98  +   861d ago
GentlemenRUs  +   861d ago
All of them! :D!
JW1080  +   861d ago
That's the spirit!
MizTv  +   861d ago
GTgamer  +   861d ago
Ill take all including the free ps+ games too.
Grave  +   861d ago
Resistance: Fall of Man!
ilovefatgirls  +   861d ago
nothing theyre all meh not a bit of depth to any of them nothing but glorified arcade games

-playing a game for graphics is like watching porn for the story-
JuniorCE  +   861d ago
Killzone Shadow Fall... Fun FPS with gorgeous graphics :-D
theXtReMe1  +   861d ago
If I had to choose one, it would be Watchdogs. The open world, open gameplay and true to life world simulation will keep me busy for months.

Killzone would be next on the list, followed by NFS and Battlefield 4
MacTastic  +   861d ago
I think I am going to have to go with
KZ Shadowfall
also Lego Marvel
But I also want the playstation Eye.
Damn its going to be fun.
imt558  +   861d ago
Killzone and Driveclub, Knack for me. Maybe Battlefield 4.
DJrantz  +   861d ago
none of them, if I had to choose, infamous
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spoonard  +   861d ago
Knack and a week or two later Watch Dogs I think!
majedx9  +   861d ago
for me
-Killzone Shadow Fall
-Battlefield 4
-COD g
-need for speed R
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NeMo_HeauxZ  +   861d ago
Being that I'm switching from Xbox after 12 years I would have to say Killzone. It looks pretty fun and it'll be a new experience. I have finally turned to the dark side! :)
ZBlacktt  +   861d ago
Congrats, you will be a happy person.
patsrule316  +   861d ago
I am in the same boat. Had an original Xbox on release day and have 2 Xbox 360s (the second 360 came free with my television). Didn't have a PS2 or PS3, but I do have a vita. But I am getting a PS4. Of the PS series, I am much more interested in finally getting God of War (played Chains of Olympus on my vita and loved it), Uncharted (played the vita Uncharted game and it was ok, but not the full experience I am imagining), Journey, and Infamous. I tried the beta for Killzone Mercenary on my vita and it was ok, but I don't like competitive multiplayer, so I couldn't get into the beta too much.
bamillington  +   861d ago
Bf4 & all the f2p will suffice
Toman85  +   861d ago
If I must choose just one title of the ten games I gonna get on launch day. My winner is Killzone Shadow Fall!
ZBlacktt  +   861d ago
AC4 Black Flag, already pre ordered along with a PS4.
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