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GTA V is one of those rare examples where a big budget, long development cycle and never ending hype has actually culminated in a game that lives up to all the expectations lumped on it.

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GarrusVakarian1690d ago

Exactly the same score i would give it myself.

Boody-Bandit1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

I myself am would give it a 8.75. Maybe a 9 but that's pushing it. This is a game that you can tell Rockstar put an absolute ton of hard work into BUT there are a lot of things in this game that make my head spin when I have seen so many reviews scoring it 10 after 10 after 10.

I'm still playing it. I probably have about 50 hours invested already and I really enjoy the game for what it is. I just hope that GTA VI will eliminate the plethora of issues this game has. Personally, although GTA V looks better, GTA IV ran better. GTA V definitely is a better overall game though. Maybe if GTA IV wasn't so over rated this version would've had more realistic scores instead of following the path of being over rated yet again.

Hitman07691689d ago

I kind of feel like with 8-9 year old consoles in our hands, this is the absolute best they could have done without taking away innovation.

1689d ago