Is Playstation The Underdog in America?- IGN Daily Fix

Today's Fix tackles the possible return of BF: Bad Company and is the Playstation the underdog? Plus, The Last Guardian isn't on hiatus, Ratchet and Clank: Nexus's date reveal and Watchdogs PC Specs are Huge!

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AgentSmithPS41817d ago

"There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!"

Sony saved me from spending a lot of money.

Bathyj1817d ago

Im the opposite.

Sony is causing me to spend a lot of money.

JuniorCE1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Me too... New Tv, new Tv stand, PS4, Killzone and Watch Dogs... I will be broke but happy on Christmas hahah

ZodTheRipper1816d ago

Playstation never was the underdog ..rather the opposite until X360 & Wii came. But PS3 caught up in the last years and PS4 is set to dominate again.

AgentSmithPS41816d ago


Sony saved me from spending a lot of money on a new console. I'll still be broke after I buy tons of great games and pay for the overpriced internet for online gaming.

u-bEttA-rUn1817d ago

Sony is causing me to save a lot of money so I can spend a lot of money

pwnsause_returns1817d ago

umm, i dont think they're the underdogs here, after all thats happened, its quite the opposite actually.

hankmoody1817d ago

Sony is definitely not the underdog on N4G. The thing could come boxed with a fresh dog turd and somehow it'll be made to sound like the greatest inclusion with a console ever on here.

fsfsxii1817d ago

And here is the paranoid N4G user.

hankmoody1817d ago

Paranoid? Obviously you haven't been paying attention to the forums.

Ezz20131817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

yes yes it's all N4G
this excuse and playing the victim is getting old
show me how many sites where people want xbox more than ps4 ?!

i will wait

AlexanderNevermind1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Sony is not the underdog anywhere in this race at this point. MS is seriously lagging behind and they know it. So much so know that all of their recent scuttle is trying to promote the fallacies that their games are better, their online service is better, their controller is better. Because I believe they know without a shadow of a doubt, their console is lacking when put up against Sony's.

AgentSmithPS41816d ago

I'm amazed that more people don't know this already, the PS4 controller is yet another reason to get a PS4. "Believe and be enslaved by your beliefs."

Based on the many reviews/comparisons I've read the Dualshock4 is as good as or better than the xbone's controller. It is more comfortable for longer gaming sessions, it feels sturdier, great triggers, no slip grip, thumbstick tips are better, touchpad for map zooms and taunts etc.

Wh15ky1816d ago


LOL! Well done, I think you just helped prove his point.

Ezz20131816d ago

i couldn't stop laughing after reading that too

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BigShotSmoov0071817d ago

In America they are kind of the underdog cause all through out this console cycle in the States they have been behind so he's telling the truth on that. I know they are killing MS in the Asian market probably like 10-1 and they are going back and forth wiht MS in europe but in the U.S. they have a real battle on their hands.

NewAgeisHere1817d ago

Lol back and forth in Europe?Current figures show a 4:1 advantage in favor of ps4 in I'm from Europe and I haven't yet met a single gamer who actually wants an xbox......might be a few in UK, but the rest of Europe is firmly Playstation teritorry.

BigShotSmoov0071817d ago

Well if you understood what I said, they are going back and forth in Europe this generation. Sony just recently overtook MS in sales in Europe this year. As fas as 4-1 sales, I take it your talking about preorder margins and I think thats world wide preorders not just Europe but lets put those numbers in order. When you talking about preorders your mostly talking about core gamers like us, we are the ones that go out and preorder games and consoles. What Nintendo has proven is causal gamers will make up a big part of who's going to be ahead next console generation and lets face it, casual gamers don't preorder. They go and just buy the system thats more appealing to what they want. Sony has been catering to us core gamers with all the indie games and first party games but they show very little of the other features that the PS4 can do. Most of their E3 conference was about indie games and core games and most of their TGS & Gamescom was about the same thing. Microsoft on the other hand has been showing off just about everything that X1 can do, from the Kinect, NFL license, Cable TV intergration, Cloud Service, Voice Command to control your X1 as well as Core games. You even look at the first commercials for both system and Sony's is geared towards the core gamers like us and MS X1 commercial came on NFL opening day and showed off the nfl lincense they have exclusive to MS. Fantasy football owners and casual gamers will eat that up and go out and get an X1 for that. So those preorder are nice to see and sony will sell well but I'm more than sure 6 months after both consoles are released, Sony is not going to be ahead of MS 4-1 cause the casual market will make their presense known and even things up rapidly.

Ginesis1816d ago

@bigshot and that's what no one really understands. Very intelligent comment.

KingofGambling1816d ago

Ps3 have been outselling the 360 since 2008, so they haven't been going back and forth.

BigShotSmoov0071816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

In Europe, I think they are....

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