The Rarest Cars in GTAV and How to Acquire Them

There are well over 200 cars to be found in Grand Theft Auto V's Los Santos and Blaine County, but Savage Gamers tracked down the best ones money can - and in some cases can't - buy. We've even taken the liberty of telling you how to "acquire" them as well!

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I_am_Batman1781d ago

Would be nice if there was a DeLorean DMC-12 V8 (time travel edition).

TonyBest1001781d ago

About the Elegy in that list... it is NOT a Collector's Edition exclusive. Just link your Social Club account up to your PSN/XBL account and you will get the elegy inside your free garage.


Have you gone into your special garage (the one marked as a colored house on the map, blue for Michael, green for Franklyn and orange for Trevor) and clicked to the side (can't remember if right or left LOL) on the d-pad?

If your account is linked to R* Social Club and you do that, Elegy RH8 (a Nissan "Skyline" GT-R/R35 knock off) should appear in the list of cars you own/bought, it won't simply physically appear there inside the garage at first, you need to actually select it from the list and you automatically exit garage with that car.

HebrewHammer1780d ago

Same here actually. I was under the impression that it was one of the Collector's Edition cars...

Truth1780d ago

HebrewHammer, I just watched that movie on Netflix. Pretty fucking hilarious.

Gentlemanlygamer19921780d ago

I've got one and got the digital version of GTA5

SkippyPaccino1780d ago

That didn't really explain anything new... I know I can buy that 10 millions dollars hot rod... How can I get it for free is what we really want to know :-)