Transgender journalist, Xbox One presenter clash blown out of proportion - witness

MMGN: Reader Olly witnessed the event and explains, in his view, it was "blown way out of proportion."

He explains that Millward was trying to be dilemmatic using the term "this person" when referring to Dale onstage along with numerous other men and women.

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Tooly1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

your not a women dale...Hr called it like he see it.

PoSTedUP1815d ago

i think hormone replacement therapy got HER pantys (yikes) in a bunch. its not cool to stretch the truth, you can get someone into Serious trouble like that, i dont care what you are, you still gotta be a reasonable human being in a situations like this.

Anthotis1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

A "well said" bubble for Tooly.

If a man(like Mr Dale) can't even masquerade as woman convincingly, then there's no reason to even pretend that they are a woman.

Edit - A "well said" bubble for Mr Posty as well.

PoSTedUP1815d ago

thanks bud, likewise! there was a really good point in a comment on the other article; how people think its ok for a grown man to take a piss in the same bathroom as their daughter just bc they want to, or feel like they should, be a women. just, no. that is madness.

Kryptonite42O1815d ago

@ PoSTedUP

agreed! I work at a Casino and we had a transgender that worked here. He started working as a man, and later turned into an unconvincing woman. Name change and everything. Security noticed this individual started using the womans bathroom and some of the other staff complained as well. The casino actually had to tell the transgender to use one of the private bathrooms.. tricky situation because you have to worry about discrimination and lawsuits and stuff. But I agree, it's just not right.. just because a man starts putting on makeup, doesnt mean they should be using a womans bathroom. especially if they still have their man bits. lol

PoSTedUP1814d ago

thats crazy, yeah they gotta worrie about a lawsuit, i mean they could just tell him to use the mens room, but, then there is the arguement from the fathers of little boys in the same bathroom as well... lol. they cant win. myadvice is to get a full sex change if you want to be accepted. i dont personally not accept them, but for other people they are just confusing them..

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zeroskie1815d ago

I hope you and your friends buy an Xbox one and stay on Xbox Live.

AmbaLaBamba1815d ago

Something that got blown way out of proportion, not surprising in all honesty. Feel sorry for this person in a way I guess, but if they're lying about it, then not so much.

nukeitall1815d ago

but nobody felt bad for MS bad publicity or the comedian that really didn't do anything wrong.

Why should people feel bad for a person that is lying to get more attention?

I have no issues with transgender, and really do believe they need to be treated like everyone else. One day that may happen, but going about it this way is what makes me dislike these extremist that feel they aren't heard and act out.

XboxFun1815d ago

Wait, something about MS got blown way out of proportion...that's crazy talk!!

Funantic11815d ago

Everything about Microsoft gets blown way out of proportion. Microsoft is doing a great job as of right now but gets no credit especially on this site. I only came to this site to get news on the X1and when I finally get one there'll be no need to come back.

Ron_Danger1815d ago

You only came here for XBox One news and yet you have only one bubble.

Seems legit...

nukeitall1815d ago


Ironically, you got 5 and deralinig Funantic1 for making a perfectly reasonable comment.

Just supports Funantic1 comment even more.

DragonKnight1815d ago

Too bad it had nothing to do with MS except location. Nothing about MS gets blown out of proportion.

XboxFun1815d ago

"Nothing about MS gets blown out of proportion."

*Whew*, thanks for the clarification. At first I thought we were going to have another FCC report on our hands.

DragonKnight1815d ago

Ok, I can give you that one. *Tips hat* Touche. Well played sir, well played.

JokesOnYou1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

lol, Yeah got to admit that was spot on XboxFun, plenty other examples....but hey at least Dragonknight was a good sport about it.

OT Of course everyone has a right to be who they are without being ridiculed but I thought even from the initial report "this person" was being a bit over sensitive.

Goku7811815d ago

It may not be right, but its hard to blame Xbox One on this one.

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