30 Current Gen Games You Should Play

The Koalition writes:
On November 15th and 22nd respectively, the current generation of consoles as we know it will change forever. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One may get off to a slow start, but they are poised to do big things in the years ahead.

Before we officially usher in the next generation of consoles, we decided to compose a list of standout games from this generation that we feel are worth playing. So without further ado, here are our picks on 30 Current Gen games that you should play.

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MrKennedy1691d ago

This is a good article about 30 current gen games you should play.

kratos_TheGoat1691d ago

god of war ascension underrated

Enemy1691d ago

Yeah, I'd replace quite a few games on that list with Ascension, especially Skyrim. But I'll forgive them because they honored Folklore, one of my favorite games of this generation that no one played.

HardcoreGamer1691d ago

Mr Roe, easy. my friend played that and its also one of his favourite games in the earlier part of ps3 generation

Rask1691d ago

I played Folklore a couple weeks ago. Amazing game.

Volkama1691d ago

Oh I remember being sort of impressed by the Folklore demo, but I didn't get round to buying it.

I'm on a big current gen catch-up mission at the moment, and Folklore just pushed itself high on my list based off these recommendations. Thanks!

GameSpawn1691d ago

Folklore is a great game. In my own opinion it is one of the only games on the PS3 that properly used the motion control functionality of the sixaxis/ds3 in such a way that it doesn't become gimmicky.

The game can also be very challenging (even more so if you're a completionist) as every enemy is different and will require different strategies and approaches to defeat. You'll find yourself switching out IDs (captured enemy souls used to attack/defend) on almost a room by room basis.

I was able to eventually settle into about 3-4 different setups that got me through a majority of the worlds with minimal switching.

It's a bummer this game never got retroactive trophies patched in. They would have been a nice addition and a reason for me to go back and replay the whole game over again.

ElectroJade1688d ago

Awesome! So glad to know others loved the game as well! After I wrote that anecdote, I decided to replay the game again. It's even better the second time around.

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rbailey1691d ago

If a God of War game made the list, it would definitely be God of War 3 over Ascension. Much more violent epic boss battles and gore IMO.

georgenancy1691d ago

ascension was disappointing

Lord_Sloth1691d ago

Valkyria Chronicles and Resonance of Fate should be on that list.

Nice to see the inclusion of Folklore.

ricochetmg1691d ago

Resonance of faith I couldn't get pass the traning lol...

Juste_Belmont1691d ago

Yakuza 4 is a game you should check out too if you have a PS3.

gjruk1691d ago

Binary Domain was one of my favorite games.

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