Shuhei Yoshida prognosticates about the PS3's next five years

Shuhei Yoshida talks about the future of PS3

"I don't know if the PS3 will last another 5 years"

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TomShoe1776d ago


More great games.

More great exclusives.

Final PS3 title: Madden 2025

Eonjay1776d ago

Lol, this might actually happen.

3-4-51776d ago

PS3 is going out with a bang. I'm kind of wanting to buy a PS3 just for all the RPG's and a few other games I can't play on my 360, but I'd rather put that money towards a PS4.

Feocart1776d ago

I'm predicting the PS3 will be around for 3 more years. By then, almost all of those resources will go into PS4 and Vita.
One of the reasons being the cost to develop for the PS3 versus expected sales will top out by 2016/17. That's an understandable length, I mean how many games did the Wii get when the Wii U was on the market for just under a year?

Magicite1776d ago

Playstation consoles usually live for 2-3 more years after next-gen ones are released, by that I mean, it gets decent amount of exclusives and multiplats. So PS3 might still be going strong until 2015-16.

PinkFunk1776d ago


Hahahaha @ Madden 2025. Yep, thanks for the laugh.

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Bimkoblerutso1776d ago

I'm not going to lie...I had to look 'prognosticate' up.

deep_fried_bum_cake1776d ago

Same. I felt like a bit of an idiot.

Ruggadagod1776d ago

Well the PS3 is almost 7 years old so it's natural.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1776d ago

In other words, Sony is going to kill it off like Microsoft does their old consoles. Sony is desperately trying to be like Microsoft especially with their online fee to play on P2P servers now. At least Microsoft is getting dedicated servers for XBL so it's less of a ripoff.

Magicite1776d ago

X360 is long ago dead. PS3 is going totally strong, it might even compete with next-gen consoles if they shelve PS3-only exclusives.

DragonKnight1776d ago

At least you're openly trolling. It's still pathetic, but at least it's honest.

d3nworth11776d ago

Sony had dedicated servers on the Ps3 for years so most likely the Ps4 will have dedicated servers too. There are games coming out for the ps3 well into 2015 so why would Sony kill it off?

Pancit_Canton1776d ago

I guess you are way to young to remember the PS2 where Sony supported that console for a really long time. That's all i can say for emo Dante fan. You probably didn't know where the original Dante came from.

Hicken1776d ago

Why is it accounts like these are allowed to remain active?

SpitFireAce851776d ago

Ok you keep telling your self

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