How next-gen made Call of Duty: Ghosts better for the current generation

The next generation of games consoles is just over a month away, with both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 hitting shelves in November.

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obelix011781d ago

Good. I was hoping this would be the case since I won't be getting the Xbox one till after the holidays.

qzp1781d ago

something had to, sure as hell wasn't going to be activision

sovietsoldier1781d ago

no cod would make it better for next gen. cod is so milked /killed dead long ago they just need to stop and do something else.

i would rather wait all day trying to play gta online then a game of cod.

mhunterjr1781d ago

Lol, instead of admitting the current gen held the next gen back, they claim the reverse.

Truthfully, both versions look underwhelming.

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