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First Impressions: Testing Our Reactions in Resogun, the Prettiest Game on PS4 - Push Square

Push Square: "If you’ve been unfortunate enough to reside within the general vicinity of this particular author over the past month or so, you’ll have been forced to suffer through an excited recount regarding Resogun. The spiritual successor to Super Stardust HD has been lighting chemical fireworks in our subconscious for several weeks now, leaving us spinning in circles Kylie Minogue-style at the mere prospect of getting some hands-on time with the PlayStation 4 exclusive recently. But did the retro shooter live up to our interstellar standards, or send our expectations plummeting back down to planet Earth?" (PS4, Resogun)

thekhurg  +   384d ago
WorldGamer  +   384d ago
Your avatar is disturbing, and this game looks AWESOME.
Enemy  +   384d ago
If anyone missed that mind-blowing tech interview click here. http://www.eurogamer.net/ar...

There's also a full 60fps video at the link. They're still making improvements. Housemarque never disappoints with their tech. Imagine Dead Nation 2 on PS4!
Goku781  +   384d ago
This game rocks!
BoriboyShoGUN  +   384d ago
I really am torn on what to play on the first day. I want to jump into BF4 and Killzone so bad, but Driveclub and Resogun are calling my name.
sprinterboy  +   384d ago
I know what you mean bra, I guess I will start the downloads first with resogun, driveclub then f2p games then put killzone in to play while waiting for patch to install browse the UI
BoriboyShoGUN  +   384d ago
that sounds like a plan to me.
MasterCornholio  +   384d ago
Didn't they confirm that Resogun would be included with Plus?

Nexus 7 2013
Eonjay  +   384d ago
skydragoonity  +   384d ago
Every exclusive game I've seen so far for the ps4 looks good.
DeadManIV  +   383d ago
And we haven't even seen half of what Sonys got planned for us in year one. HOLY SHIT THIS IS GOING TO BE TOTALLY AWESOME!!
SlavisH2  +   384d ago
This looks like geometry wars, lol but that's a good thing
lifeisgamesok  +   384d ago
I'm not impressed with this at all but Deep Down, Infamous, and The Order are pretty
Goku781  +   384d ago
For people that were into shooters from back in the day this seems great. I miss games like Ikaruga, and Thunderforce. I hope this has even half the soul they did.


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