Daring Options for Nintendo

The [a]list daily: "We analyze the dangers Nintendo is facing, and suggest some ways to overcome them."

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rinslowe1751d ago

Would the halting in japan manufacturing have anything to do with Nintendo's chosen chip manufacturer; Renasas being bought out last Nov?
That surely would have put a spanner in the works.
And Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze being delayed really only signifies two things; 1) Retro need more time to bring the game up to their usual perfectionist standards and 2) The guys in Nintendo realised that both Mario 3D world and DKC TF would benefit more in sales being released a few short months apart as opposed to the same month?

_QQ_1751d ago

or... retro is only putting 40% of its resources into this game,while the rest work on metroid which would explain why a 2d platformer takes over 3 years to develop and will only cost 50$.

BOWZER351751d ago

Pulling the gamepad IMO wouldn't be a bad idea, simply because more people would get one if it were cheaper. Then it would be a huge seller like the Wii.

MEsoJD1751d ago

No one has made the gamepad appealing or made the case that it enhances gameplay. The most use people have gotten from it is using it as a drawing tablet.

marloc_x1750d ago

The "gimmick" of a dual screen handheld worked out, and that improved on the performance and functionality of a concept Nintendo introduced in the early 1980s!

marloc_x1751d ago

Next gen will not be about cheap RAM. It will be about innovative gameplay and imaginative hardware.

MEsoJD1751d ago

Based off of the upcoming systems and games it's obvious that it's about improvement in performance and functionality of existing ideas/principles/hardware. Nintendo tried to reinvent the wheel with the gamepad which isn't inherently a bad thing, but it's flawed. So far, it's come off as a gimmick. An expensive controller that in many cases, requires you in games to take your eyes off the main screen for extended periods of time, to perform task that would be easy enough before with traditional controllers. The gamepad is neat, but since it's Nintendos main controller, they need to make it's uses obvious, the problem is that they have failed so far. Sale it separately from the box so you can get more out there.

Benjaminkno1751d ago

This guy doesn't know what a gimmick is.

Dude.. look it up!!

We won't be talking about this in a year.

MS and Sony should be more worried. Im willing to bet MS will lower their price to compete with Sony a year from now.

1751d ago
marloc_x1751d ago

A steady stream of top notch exclusives should do the trick.. Kudos to Nintendo for having enough balls to not pull the trigger until these games are just right!