Why is video game music so important?

Joe Thomas takes a look at how important Video Game music is to the overall experience of playing a game. Can you imagine Halo or Gears of War without the epic soundtrack? Or would Final Fantasy VII ever have been as monumental without Nobuo Uematsu's awesome soundtrack?

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Lovable1692d ago

Music is as important as the story, gameplay, graphics and everything else. Play the right music in the right situation and it'll evoke emotion out of anyone.

limewax1692d ago

A good way of proving the importance to yourself as well is to pick one of your favorite gaming moments, go back and reload the scene, hit pause and drop the music level to 0.

Tried it once just messing around and it could be surprising how much tension and suspense it removes. Some games would probably be almost unplayable without a soundtrack due to boredom, for instance JRPG's.

joe_thomas251692d ago

That's basically what the video in the article is. Key moments in games just aren't the same without music. And the music just brings back all the memories from the first time you saw the scene.

BoriboyShoGUN1692d ago

I've been meaning to catch these guys, they did a show in Dallas a few years back and I missed them

admiralvic1692d ago

Play Toukiden and it will all make sense.

You fight these HUGE giant demons with this tranquil background music playing. It seems so out of place.

Welshy1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

As a huge Metal Gear Solid fan, a great OST is as important as great gameplay or story.

The best story in the world with a terrible OST would be a massive put off, just as a very basic moment backed up by epic music that suits the moment perfectly will make it hit home twice as hard.

Nothing will hit me as hard as this music did combined with the MGS4 ending, man tears were everywhere.

level 3601692d ago

In most sim-racing and some very good arcade races it's not really that important.

Focus and listening to the engine sound is what I'd rather prefer.

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