GameInformer- F1 2013 Review: Searching For A Reason For Being

GI:In a race, sometimes you're simply riding around conserving your fuel and tires, content where you are. F1 2013 feels like it's in such a rut; the game features a few new additions, but it's like its coasting on Codemasters' laurels too much.

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memots1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Nothing wrong with that since f1 2012 was pretty darn good.

How can you really make any addition to a game that is the definitive f1 experience, there isn't nothing new between 2012 and 2013 in the real world of F1 so why are people expecting the game to suddenly change ?

Its like NBA, NHL , Fifa its the same game year after year that they Add small stuff to it.

The classic pack and old track is an awesome addition and i am happy with it.

retrofly1815d ago

Handling, damage model, sound, better AI, better graphics, more tactic options, removal of bugs, proper wet/dry dry/wet transitions, better tyre wear modeling.

There are thousands of tweaks they can do to make a better game, its just cheaper not to.