Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Review I Play Legit

Jeremy of Play Legit writes "As for the combat it is easily one of the games strong points. it’s quite different from some of the older MMO games."

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1782d ago
MoneyMeng1782d ago

Nice review, everything you stated was true. We've seen it all before, done it all before for this most part. Just waiting on my Wildstar beta code now. :)

Magicite1782d ago

One of worst reviews, totally disagree with it.

MoneyMeng1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

I've seen a lot of sites hype this mmo up like it's one of the best mmos out to date, when in reality, it really isn't. It's really mediocre at best, I'm glad to see you aren't apart of that media hype train. Nothing in the game even screams out greatness. The minor good ideas the game does have are burdened by a grindy, tedious leveling system.

FF14: ARR is mainly a copy and paste from mmos that have already been out on the market. This isn't to say it is a bad thing because the majority of mmos copy and paste from one another, but it's like SE just took everything from a handful of mmos and added them into the game without trying to make an improvements or distinct changes to give this game it's own feel. The combat and constant spamming of your slow sprinting reminds me of Aion. The fate system reminds me of GW2 and the story is lackluster and uninspiring compared to previous FF titles.

P2P games are supposed to resemble quality but everything I get from from this game I can get from a F2P game. In fact I am actually having a better experience playing Neverwinter and ironically that game has every cutscene voice acted and even comes with PVP!

Sprud1781d ago

You seem kinda butthurt that so many do in fact like it. Too bad for you that you don't. For me, FFXIV is only game to give me the "first MMO" feeling again. I'm addicted; played it every single day the servers have been up since beta phase 2. I could explain why I like it, but that's all subjective anyway so there's little point.