Super Mario 3D World Has All The Variety Of Mario Galaxy, And More | Siliconera

Siliconera: "Nintendo came to town with a handful of upcoming game releases, including Super Mario 3D World, and with it, the chance to test-drive some of the new features that were highlighted in the most recent trailer. Of the four available characters, I picked Toad, mostly because he was my go to guy when playing Super Mario Bros 2."

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jhoward5851752d ago

Best looking Mario game.

3-4-51751d ago

This is one of the games I'm eventually buying a Wii U for.

jhoward5851751d ago

I plan on getting it this holiday cause Super Mario 3D World is a must buy game for all Wii U owners.

way to go Nintendo!

RAFFwaff1752d ago

midnight e-shop purchase for me!! I loved 3d land, and this is 3d land on steroids!!!!

wingman32x1752d ago

I think they completely turned this game's image around with that latest trailer. It showed so much more creativity and good level design. The initial trailer made it look like a 3D Land port.


Couldnt agree more. The latest trailer has made me a believer again. This will be the next game in my Wii U. Only problem is it drops the same day as my X1...

Ohlmay1752d ago

I'll buy this game before I go overseas so I can play it on the Plane on my GamePad, one of the great features of the Wii U

_QQ_1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

don't think it works that way, Wiiu needs to be plugged in.
edit:gotcha,i haven't been on a plane in years.

Ohlmay1752d ago

I know, planes have power plugs these days, at least the planes I fly on do.

vividi1752d ago

I regret selling my WIIU, I thinking of getting the Zelda bundle because is a great value and there are a few games that I really really want

RAFFwaff1752d ago

i think many early wii u adopters had to seriously weigh up whether to keep the console or not from lack of games. For me, if the wii u was my ONLY console, then the choice to sell would have been easy, but i hung in there. Nows definitely the time to purchase one if you are even remotely interested.

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