Finally, A Super Mario Game We Can All Be Excited About | Kotaku

Kotaku: "It's been a while since a new Super Mario Bros. game looked amazing. Agree? We all respect the New Super Mario Bros. games, right? They're classic... like Nintendo just baked a great new loaf of bread. Refined... like Nintendo just wrote a new sonnet. But exciting? Not really. That's where November's new Mario comes in."

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skydragoonity1631d ago

This game looks good. Let's see the effect it will have on wii u sales..

AHall881631d ago

Hopefully it can help it a bit, the Wii U is a great little system, it just needs some good games to give gamers a reason to pick one up.

3-4-51631d ago

No motion controls automatically gives it bonus points.

We still need a pure true 3D Mario game though. This is 2.5 D Mario.

Looks even better than SM3DL though.

JediDiah1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

But...but...but the PS4 has more power! "sarcasm"

KnaveX1631d ago

You put sarcasm in quotes. Are you implying its not sarcasm?

AHall881631d ago

Maybe he's implying that how powerful a system is doesn't matter? Which is true.

Qrphe1631d ago

Not a well executed as it could have been

chrissx1631d ago

I agree with the article. This game looks amazing

RAFFwaff1631d ago

As good as Rayman Legends is, nintendo is gonna take ubisoft back to school...

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The story is too old to be commented.