Leaked Image Shows New Look for Mad Catz Killer Instinct Xbox One FightStick

Hardcore Gamer: The Killer Instinct FightStick Tournament Edition 2 was briefly mentioned and shown on stage during Microsoft's E3 2013 briefing, but not much as been said about it and the artwork looked basic and temporary. The newly-photographed version sports a new look that seems to be more fully-realized.

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admiralvic1816d ago

The image is a little on the simple side, but other than that it looks nice.

XboxFun1816d ago

Yea I agree, should have had something a little more flashy.

Transporter471816d ago

Mad catz when it comes to fighting joysticks they suck, that's why I have my own customized one, better buttons and stick, each button costs like 5 dollars but its worth it.

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