Update on Grand Theft Auto Online

"Update: We're currently working on a title update for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to address commonly reported issues with GTA Online. We hope to have it out for download as soon as tomorrow."

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xHeavYx1629d ago

Good news, I really hope they make it for tomorrow

camel_toad1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

I hope they fix it soon too. If I still haven't been able to play it by the time I beat Beyond next week then I'm more than likely going to trade in gta and my ps3. I'll end up getting Dark Souls 2 on pc or ps4 which are both very likely.

J-R1629d ago

I hadn't been able to start the first race. I downloaded the update this morning and was able to play without any problems.
Played for a couple hours before heading to work.

FunkMacNasty1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Hey camel_toad, just something to consider - before you trade in that ps3, think about how much more life it still has left for devs to take advantage of. Even with the ps4 coming out soon, there will probably still be a bunch of games that will probably only release on the ps3..Same thing happened when the ps3 released.

ON TOPIC - Finally was able to conncet to a few decent GTA V sessions last night on ps3 servers. Connection seemed stable for the most part, not too much lag. Definitley stil some issues with freezing at certain loading screens, and a few times when I tried to join a job it would zoom out to that birds eye view of the city then get stuck there for a few minutes until ultimately telling me that an error occured and to return to story mode.

mikeslemonade1629d ago

Right now there really isn't anything left for PS3. My last game I bought for current gen is NBA 2k14. When you see so many techinical issues like frame rate and pop in the games are getting too intensive for PS3.

Tres211629d ago

@ funk, he's better off sellin now when he can get more and then just gettin 1 later on down the line if or when the other games he might play come out

Bobby Kotex1629d ago

I'm sure Sony and Rockstar will be crying their eyes out.

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3-4-51629d ago

People still can't play?

I've had zero problems since day one, I feel lucky then.

It's more fun than the single player in many ways as it adds a true survival element too it.

Money is harder to come by so it's valued more, making you play differently.

Such a cool experience so far, I can't wait until everyone gets to play this.

It's not like mind blowing or legendary or anything, but it definitely gives me plenty to do.

thechosenone1629d ago

I've been playing since late last night with very little lag. I highly recommend you bypass your router and connect the cable modem straight to your PS3 instead. After I did that I was able to connect/play without problem.

MysticStrummer1629d ago

I tried that. No luck. Argh...

thechosenone1629d ago

sorry to hear that my friend but it worked for me.

malokevi1629d ago

I wanna play! Couldn't make it happen last night. Oh well, I guess I have to slaughter hookers the old fashioned way for the time being.

Lovable1629d ago

But they have soul too

malokevi1629d ago

Every part of my soul is telling me to disagree with that statement.... but I'll have to agree.

Upbeat1629d ago

I killed one before I even done the first mission lol

Shuyin1629d ago ShowReplies(3)
Brix901629d ago

I finally got on for the first time after I read this. So far I'm enjoying it.

obelix011629d ago

I haven't had any technical issues. Dying constantly because of a lousy gun & weak body armor are the main issues I've been having.

Rainstorm811629d ago

Try team deathmatch keep weapons that you find

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