Killzone: Shadow Fall to Include 7 Days of PS Plus for Free, According to Updated Box Art on Amazon

In order for as many people to have PlayStation Plus at the time of PS4 launch as possible, Sony already revealed how they would be giving away three full months of PlayStation Plus with DriveClub in North America (Europe gets 50% off 1 year of PS+), which will allow you to play games online, as well as get your hands on a free copy of the DriveClub PS+ Edition. - PSLS

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pedrof931748d ago

So its Killzone + Driveclub ?

If so thats nice.

xHeavYx1748d ago

That's to give you a free taste of the MP, in case you don't have PS+.
I'm glad I'm covered till 2015

Salooh1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Free 14 days ps+ for Europe :) . So maybe this is for the us or other countries :P ..

saint_seya1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

xHevYx: me too, in fact i renewed for 2 years like 4 days ago.. almost till 2016 xd

Convas1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

7-day trial for Killzone MP and DriveClub.

A good step up from the 48-hour XBL trials or the free Gold Weekends I'm used too.

If a week of gameplay for the both doesn't sell you on Killzone or Driveclub, nothing will.

Smart move Sony, do this will all your exclusives please!

Ju1748d ago

If you care to click on the link, it seems DC includes a 3 month membership.

Bundi1747d ago

Xbox 360's sell with 1 month of free Gold. Lot longer than 7 days

webeblazing1748d ago

smart move would be making online play free again

Blastoise1748d ago

Speaking of PS+ I have a code for a free 2 week trial if anyone wants it?

PS. Killzone looks awesome.

CEOSteveBallmer1747d ago

Can i have it please?? pertty please?

mhunterjr1748d ago

There one was a time when xbox exclusives used to come with a free month of xbox live... maybe they'll bring it back

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The story is too old to be commented.