Racist emblems already appear in Battlefield 4

The new emblem feature in Battlefield 4 has already attracted questionable content.

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M-M1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Is this supposed to be surprising?

Godlovesgamers1816d ago

Is this supposed to be acceptable? Seriously, why such blatant apathy? Do you have any stake in humanity at all?

deep_fried_bum_cake1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

It's not acceptable but it's something that will always happen, even if countermeasures are put in place, and therefore it should just be ignored or the people's accounts reported.

It's pathetic to get worked up over it though.

malokevi1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )


Look at COD. Like that's any better? You can't let human beings do what they want and then expect them not to be human beings.

What a load of BS. I hate the internet as much as I hate every whiny pissant who sits on his high-horse pretending to be without fault and worthy of being the judge.

Go stick your head in a fiery hole while I smoke this weed and smack that prostitute. You don't like it? GOOD!

end communication.

KwietStorm1816d ago


I think it's depressing and counter productive when people take the stance you just laid out. Just ignore it and move on. Where does that leave us? I fully accept that there are assholes everywhere, but saying it's pathetic to get worked up over it, telling people to ignore it.. There is so much history and so much spilled blood you are disrespecting by saying this.

1816d ago
deep_fried_bum_cake1816d ago


I'm not meaning to cause any offence to people who feel strongly about this, and as I also said you can report it.

I only say ignore it because I feel it's not worth working yourself up over someone else's racist behaviour. I find myself doing that when I see blatantly racist comments that are very popular when I read stuff on my country's Yahoo. All it leads to is me feeling angry and it's not something that will change, so I ignore it.

KillrateOmega1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )


At no point did he say that it was acceptable. All he said was that it's not surprising and it really isn't.


"I think it's depressing and counter productive when people take the stance you just laid out. Just ignore it and move on. Where does that leave us?"

With level-heads and low blood pressures that's where. You can't change human nature. There will ALWAYS be people like this.

Instead of constantly getting worked up over them and calling attention to them, just ignore them. Don't give their bullsh*t the time of day. Turn your back to them and shun them. Let the issue die a silent, sad death.

Muerte24941816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

@ deep_fried_bum_cake

This isn't something that people should be passive about nor tolerate. It's ignorance and while cases will happen, example can and need to be made. When playing online you agree to certain terms of service agreements. To say it's "pathetic" to get worked by a symbol that has millions of deaths tied to it, is outrageous. Telling people to simply look the other way, historically, has proven to always ended badly.

Dlacy13g1816d ago

@Muerte2494 very well said...

itBourne1816d ago

Lol you will HEAR way worse then this online, no reason to freak out about a symbol. If you do then you will just get a gimped emblem system like TLoU where there is no room for creativity.

People seriously freak out about the dumbest things these days...

GarrusVakarian1816d ago

How is that mountain top throne suiting you? Oh wise and magnificent one.

Izzy4081815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Calm down, who ever created that emblem isn't the first and won't be the last. That's world we live in. Does that mean we should allow it? No. But should we give it more power than it deserves? Hell no.

AgentSmithPS41815d ago

This is a game, I don't care what emblems people make, it can make the game more fun too by letting you hunt down people with emblems that (you let) offend you.

You don't take away freedoms just because of a few a-holes.

deep_fried_bum_cake1815d ago


I agree with you and I'm really not getting my point across well. I'm not meaning to insinuate that ignorance is the correct stance to take against racism and general bigotry.

If people spot something of that nature in their daily lives I would fully expect them to intervene; I have in the past in order to teach my niece that racism isn't acceptable. My stance is more towards seeing it on the internet.

On the internet there is no example that could be made of someone that could be made of someone that would deter others from doing stuff like creating nazi emblems. The internet is a lost cause and in that respect I believe that a degree of ignorance should be employed. No matter how many people get banned from a game for these types of things it won't stop the problem or even slow it down.

As to my use of pathetic, that probably wasn't the best way to say what I meant but I can't really understand taking offence to something (especially on the internet). I understand fully the difference between right and wrong and I will voice my opinion on something I feel is wrong but I can't say that I've ever really taken offence to something.

Going over this in my head as I write it I do realise that I may come off somewhat as a bit of a s**t.

Beastforlifenoob1815d ago

ooh sheet racism exists, this is worse than discovering santa doesnt exist

Withdreday1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

You know, you've just got to love the "ignore, ignore, ignore" people...You wouldn't ignore cancer, would you?

That's the main reason society is so effed up nowadays because most people hold the "sweep it under the rug" mind set.

infamous-butcher1815d ago

"If you censor out Mohammed, then soon you'll have to censor out more.
If you don't show Mohammed, then you've made a distinction what is okay to poke fun at, and what isn't. Either it's all okay, or none of it is."

aLucidMind1815d ago

No, but it shouldn't be removed either. Allow the racists to blatantly express it so everyone knows. Why? Because the vast majority of people will do exactly in the video game that should happen in real life: beat the living hell out of them and make it clear that their idiotic views will do nothing but make everyone hate them.

SilentNegotiator1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

"A Polish player went and created a Nazi Swastika symbol as an emblem in Battlefield 4 in order to “make fun of it”, as he puts it in his Reddit post. He used the emblem on an empty server, so it wasn’t like a lot of people were subjected to the black-nazi-commie soldier, as pictured above. The emblem has since been removed"

It was an empty server and done by a guy not using it to be racist.


EeJLP-1815d ago

Let's all get offended by a Nazi symbol in a Mature rated game where your objective is to kill people. /s

EeJLP-1815d ago

You're all aware there are games that have featured Nazis prominently through the game like Wolfenstein, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Brother's In Arms, Battlefield 1942, etc. right?

This guy would also likely be your enemy that you can 'kill' if you hate Nazi symbols so much. It's not like you're forced to make out with him and fondle his genitals.

Denethor_II1815d ago

Why is someone raging about humanity in a game where the objective is to kill.

Army_of_Darkness1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Racism is stupid plain and simple....
Although, i find it more fun because now I have a new objective in the game. Kill the Nazi over and over again!!!! To the point he will get frustrated and logoff ;-)

Hayabusa 1171815d ago

I think a lot of people forget that they are often just being amusing by being offensive and political incorrect. The way around this problem, is not get so upset by such attempts to grab attnetion. And when you think about, what's the big deal anyway? The motive for doing it is what's important, not whether or no someone was stupid enough to actually do it.

Patrick1815d ago

"Is this supposed to be acceptable? Seriously, why such blatant apathy? Do you have any stake in humanity at all?"

So what would you like to do about it? I know, lets remove his right to use symbols we dont agree with. But wait, there are others that I dont like and some that you dont like so we have to remove those as well... oh but, there are so many gamers playing this game and to respect their opinions we will have to remove the ones that offend them as well.

Where does this leave us? NO User Generated Content. Thats where it leaves us. Everything offends someone. You getting offended at someones freedom to offend you, offends me. They are their freedoms just like they are yours. You dont have to like it, but you dont have the right to have their rights removed.

HurtfulTimez1815d ago

well by looking at the amount of disagrees it seems the majority of people on here are probably uneducated racists anyway - "just ignore it" pffft some people can be so stupid and ignorant at times that it actually puts the human species to shame

overrated441815d ago

Who said it was acceptable? It's not acceptable in any way, but is it surprising? Absolutely not. The internet gives people anonymity and anonymity breeds assholes.

3-4-51815d ago

It's not acceptable, but there isn't a whole lot stopping it.

If they started banning everyone for a week for having racist emblems it might send a strong message, but wouldn't completely eliminate it.

Gamers that are stupid love to brag about it online unknowingly.

Ozmoses1815d ago

You all do know that it is a Crooked Cross..

almost ever civilization throughout history has their own form of this Crooked Cross.

it actually isn't a bad symbol...

it was made into a horrible symbol when the Nazi's stole it for their own symbolism..

for example in South Korea - the Crooked Cross represents religious locations.

FRAKISTAN1815d ago

I find your DP to be insulting and offensive, will you change it?

ArtificiallyYours1815d ago

Get over yourself, he wasn't being racist.

King-u-mad1815d ago

Cry babies everwhere. The shit people complain about is priceless. You say oh this symbol has death tied to it. People are dying in more horrific ways constantly every day in this world. Murder and death is COMPLETELY natural. Zero fucks are given until peoples selfish feelings are in play. A few hundred people probably died while I was typing this message. Zero Fucks given. Someone was just murdered 10 seconds ago in cold blood. Zero fucks given. "Racist emblems already appear in Battlefield 4" nooow fucks are given? Are you serious? Lmfao the choice of stupidity in human beings is beyond me.

Consoldtobots1815d ago

I value FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION over people's sensibilities.

Godlovesgamers1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

It's amazing in a very sad way to see such apathetic and callus comments to my stand against the swastika.

Most of you really don't care for anyone other than yourselves which is so sad as we are all connected, all part of humanity and at the end of the day what we do affects all of us in someway.

Many of you are so sad in fact that you actually defend your apathy with "It's pathetic to get worked up over it" or "Just ignore it"....are you really serious? Are you all completely blind to the fact that its the exact type of apathy that you display that allowed this evil to exist in the first place?!!

Others of you spout off at the mouth with something like "it's freedom of expression" or "it's my right"... when most of you have no idea how your rights were won and defended in the first place.

The lot of you come off as a bunch of spoiled little children whose sense of self entitlement almost outweighs your ignorance. Your "freedoms" and "rights" are a privilege and gift, not an excuse for you to display a symbol that's synonymous with the death of about 6 Million people, and we're not even talking about a tragedy that happened hundreds of years ago, but only 60.

With these rights, freedoms, these gifts... why not use it for good? Why not use it to take a stand against evil on every level? It's obvious that some of you feel a huge sense of futility to the whole thing like who cares really? What power do I have to change anything or make a difference? Change starts small and it starts in your immediate area of influence.

We have a voice, we could show our discontent that developers would allow swastikas to even be a possible to create in their emblem maker and force them to change it.

Be a compassionate human being first and a gamer second. Lets make the world a better place, everything counts.

@HurtfulTimez, @Withdreday, @KwietStorm - Thanks.

@Lukas_Japonicus -
You don't have to be on a mountaintop throne to see what's wrong and right and you don't have to be wise and magnificent to do something about it, you just have to care. Don't you think Cliff Burton would care? Try it sometime.

alien6261815d ago

do they know they could report them emblems?? if people find it offensive then report it

LordDhampire1815d ago

how is this not acceptable, the nazi's had helicopters, a symbol shouldn't be offensive you can't ignore that the nazi's existed

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Dante811816d ago

Teenagers love to pull this crap--a desperate need for (negative?) attention.

Dlacy13g1816d ago

Its a desperate need for attention whether they are teenagers or just racist *ssholes.

itBourne1816d ago

At the same time I think the people that freak out about it piss me off just as much. Its the same people that, OMG I have to get baptized in a game, how dare them! I hate the world! Omg black zombies in Africa, what a racist dev team, I demand a change. We want women to be EQUAL, omg Kratos ripped off a woman's head, how dare SSM do that! Lol I could go on, but just saying people should grow a pair and just play the damn games. Dont like it, dont get the game or ignore it.

Hellsvacancy1815d ago

Yeah I was thinking about creating a pair of hairy testicles for my emblem, oh wait...........i'm not even a teenager

Beastforlifenoob1815d ago

I think they should ban anyone under 15 to play on the games servers (by sound of voice since the next gen consoles come with headsets and everyones going to be talking)

medman1815d ago

The racists online are of the small white penis brigade. No penis, no woman, nothing but jealousy as they sit alone playing with themselves night after night. Good luck with that cowards. The rest of us are laughing at you.

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JsonHenry1816d ago

I don't endorse it. But you know the saying "stick and stones.." Ignore it and go on.

WarThunder1815d ago

"A Polish player went and created a Nazi Swastika symbol as an emblem in Battlefield 4 in order to “make fun of it”, as he puts it in his Reddit post. He used the emblem on an empty server, so it wasn’t like a lot of people were subjected to the black-nazi-commie soldier, as pictured above. The emblem has since been removed."

Nothing to see here...

Gardenia1815d ago

The problem is the stupidity of the ones who are making it. Do they think it is cool or something? If they would have lived Europe in WW2 and see the killing, torture and death all around you, they would change their minds about making just an "innocent picture"

T21815d ago

Thats,why they do it for no other reason than to shock and horrify others ... Just ignore them and if u know them , punch them in the face... Dare anyone to put this on their car

DeadlyFire1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Its just a symbol I fail to see the racism. Nazis are not all aimed at Racism until Hitler starting ranting. They had a short term without racism. Then Hitler arrived and that all changed.

solid_snake36561815d ago

I really don't know what the big deal is, its a game based on war. Its a frickin game that involves killing, and people are getting upset over a stupid symbol. People are waaay too sensitive nowadays. Let gamers play their games freely. If I don't like whats going on in a certain lobby, I leave and join another. All this bitching and moaning takes the fun out of online gaming.

Deadpoolio1815d ago

This is the exact reason we can't have nice things

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xHeavYx1816d ago

First racist emblems, then killing everyone, all because of videogames! /s

TopDudeMan1816d ago

I made an emblem. It's a hammer with wings and a star behind it. I hope I confuse a lot of people by making them wonder what it means, but the truth is it doesn't mean anything.

SpitFireAce851816d ago

You are a communist from heaven

MidnytRain1815d ago

Your comment is the answer to everything.

KwietStorm1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

I really can't stand society. I don't know why they added this feature in the first place.

SonyKong641815d ago

so wait.. it's ok for a developer to use Nazi symbology in a game like say wolfinstien, but when a player uses the same symbol in a war game like bf4, everyone is up in arms and you hate society?

I'm confused = /

KwietStorm1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Did you just assume something there? Go ahead and be confused, because I said nothing about a developer or Wolfenstein. I'm confused too.

DeadlyFire1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )


People are always going to abuse the system.

This still is not 100% racism. Just a symbol which could just represent a clan or something of that sort. Sure Nazis were racists, but what the hell does that have to do with their symbol in new age of video games. Are the Nazis actually there yelling shit in German? No. Then sit down please. The symbol known as a Swastika. Actually has existed for thousands of years. Swastikas have also been used in various other ancient civilizations around the world including Turkic, India, Iran, Nepal, China, Japan, Korea and Europe.

Some people still claim the Confederate flag of America represents Racism when it does not at all represent racism.

Hufandpuf1815d ago

Im pretty sure they didnt make a swastika because they are Indian.

ziggurcat1816d ago

i don't know why people think that that **** is ever a good idea...