Wind Waker HD is the best high-definition remake ever

In a world full of dark, dreary shooter games, Wind Waker HD is a breath of fresh air, especially because many gamers skipped over the original version.

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pat_11_51659d ago

I wish I played the original Wind Waker when it first came out.

darthv721659d ago

It's never to late. unless you have neither a gamecube nor a wii to play it on.

Xof1659d ago

Or a PC.

It's not like we're talking PS2 games here.

ChickeyCantor1659d ago

Not sure what you are implying, but Ps2 games are emulated under far less stress. At least that's been my experience.

Xof1655d ago

...Well, yes, obviously it's easier to play games if you resort to piracy.

I wasn't talking about piracy.

3-4-51659d ago

I finally found a GC copy of WW like 1-2 weeks before this HD WW was announced.

I got about 3 dungeons in, and they announced this and I haven't played the rest yet.

I want to continue the Adventure in HD eventually.

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breakdancepants1659d ago

At least you rectified the mistake you made in 2003. Now Halo 2 looks ugly in this day & age.

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pat_11_51659d ago

Indeed! I wish I played it back in the day though.

Marceles1659d ago

My 3rd favorite Zelda besides Link to the Past and Ocarina of time

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The story is too old to be commented.