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CCC Says: "Grand Theft Auto Online is probably the most ambitious title that Rockstar has ever created. As a totally separate entity from Grand Theft Auto V, this stand-alone, online world looks to be able to offer an evolving, completely different GTA experience with a character of your own creation. However, a bug-ridden release has hampered players incessantly, which begs the question–is it worth it?"

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deathstriker1747d ago

Reviewing something that's free seems a little silly. Not to mention it's not really done until the heists, mission creator, and other stuff comes out. Also, I never had problems with loading in the singleplayer... there's hardly any.

dannylilley1747d ago

It's not really free though is it? It's part of the game you paid for however it just released a bit later.

deathstriker1747d ago

No, I paid for the campaign and then they added the MP. Either way, you can't truly review a MP where they haven't added many key features and people can barely get online. That's almost like reviewing an MMO on day 2.

dannylilley1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

But the point is it's not an MMO. Those are built to be continually updated as a genre rule but a game like GTA shouldn't be held to the same standard. Obviously there are similarities because in this case they are adding features over time but realistically why shouldn't they review it on day one? You can review MP games like CoD on day one so why not this? It's not the reviewers fault the game was incomplete and buggy at launch. Regardless he does acknowledge that the game has a long way to go but has the chance to get there. So if you read it fully it's clear it's the review of a 'to be completed' GTA experience and therefore your point is made somewhat moot anyway.

MarcoGT1747d ago

3.8? Bullshit it doesn't deserve this high a score lol.
Oh well ps4 is out soon then this can die although I doubt i'll be able to leave it I'm a GTA fan and won't have anything else to play but my god as it stands it's so unplayable.

GarrusVakarian1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Yes it does. Ive been playing it all day and its alot of fun. He's reviewing it as it is when it works. The fact so many people can't connect shouldn't hinder the review score of the content, that criticism falls on R* not the actual online mode itself.

New patch tomorrow hopefully, i really hope it fixes things for others because they need to experience 6 player Jet battles.

IanVanCheese1747d ago

When it's actually working the online is incredible. I spent about an hour last night in a cat and mouse game with some random guy in a fighter jet. Amazing game...when it's working lol.

camel_toad1747d ago

I wish I could rate it but I have still yet to make it into one single online game. It's driving me FN nuts - I keep seeing everyone and their mother who has played it for hours but myself and my friend haven't made been able to play it yet. I've had to recreate my deleted character more times than I can count - and I'm pretty good with math!

IanVanCheese1747d ago

Just keep trying, the servers are getting a lot better. I've not had any issues today but the first two days were a nightmare.