GTA Online Day Three: Still Not Really Working

Two days have passed since the online version of Los Santos opened up for millions of players all over the world. It’s not been smooth sailing for the debut of Grand Theft Auto Online, as it’s been plagued with technical issues and server problems. But there are signs that some things are getting better. And weirder. Like characters spawning with no arms.

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AlexanderNevermind1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Pls excuse my language in advance but R* this is some bullshit. This is approaching MMO launch level of fail.

The PS4 is around the corner and I'm trying to give GTA online my attention until then.

S_C1780d ago

I managed to get on for an hour or 2. Went rugby training came back and i had to make a character again and can't connect, So frustrating

DeFFeR1780d ago

Well... at least you got to do something after creating your person. I've created 4 players, and haven't been able to do anything after creating them.

I got picked up by Lamar at the airport the last time, so hopefully my character saved that time.

iamnsuperman1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

@DeFFeR at least you made it to the Lamar bit. I can't even get that far

XB1_PS41780d ago

Are you all on Ps3 or 360? I've been playing on 360 all day with absolutely no problem. Unlike yesterday when no missions would load, and when they did, they'd fail instantly.

AlexanderNevermind1780d ago


I'm on PS3 ....just attempted for the 1st time this evening and at least I have 5 other wanna be's with me waiting for the initial race mission that never starts. Its my 1st actual sighting of other players so that's an improvement. Still can't start the 1st mission tho. At least I've learned that signing out of the PSN will keep my character from deleting (so far).

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Th4Freak1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Did you really expect that 15+ million users trying to play at the same time wasn't going to cause servers to collapse? Seriously...

@iamnsuperman This is something that happens in a lot of MMO games, D3, LoL, FF, BF, SimCity (I bet Destiny and The Division server will collapse too) and the list goes on. Cry and bitch about something normal isn't going to solve the problem.

iamnsuperman1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Do you not think Rockstar should have anticipated that. We all knew it would happen but Rockstar didn't make any steps to lessen the blow on the servers. Even a slow roll out would have been a better idea than just releasing it so it crashed hard. They really didn't do anything

edit: "Cry and bitch about something normal isn't going to solve the problem."

Nor is accepting it as the norm.

Thatguy-3101780d ago

It's not rocket science that everyone that had bought the game were going to try and play online. Especially since the multiplayer was delayed so a lot of people finished the game and were waiting for it.

MediaStinger1780d ago

@iamnsuperman: Yeah, because there would be a lot of happy gamers on the internet after being told they have to wait an extra few hours, days, or even weeks before they can play while others are enjoying the same game they just paid $60 for. ;)

Th4Freak1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

"Nor is accepting it as the norm."

Who says it has to be accepted as a norm, my point is that it already happened and it will happen on every single MMO with high demand, bandwith and servers can't just take it, so, they did nothing to prevent it, its too late, why are you crying about it?

@dboyc310 said its not rocket science but I never saw a single person or an article talking about it, everyone was just dreaming about how GTA Online would be but no one was thinking about how the servers could collapse. You're making something normal a big deal, i'm not saying that you shouldn't complain but its got over that, we're on the bitching point now.

JackStraw1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

the thing is though, plenty of people are able to connect now, but there is a HUGE bug where you can't do anything AFTER you connect. and when you are able to, most people only reach 10-15 in level before they experience a freeze and their character(s) get deleted...

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SaturdayNightBeaver1780d ago

They had to release it unfinished/early cause angry nerds would got very mad..

HolyDuck1780d ago

Been playing it pretty much since it was released, a little patience is needed but I pretty much connect instantly when I want too.

Swiggins1780d ago

I couldn't even connect this morning, so either you're crazy lucky or you have some crazy fast internet.

bromtown1780d ago

@holyduck 120 down?! Are you living in South Korea? Your profile says Humberside so...

bloop1780d ago

Same here. Been on since it launched, though I did have trouble trying to get past that first race at the start. After I created my character it kept getting stuck on "waiting for other players" when I triggered the race. Then instead of just jumping into an online game I tried starting an Invite Only session from the menu, did the race and that was it!!! I've been on it since. Might be worth trying for anyone else having problems trying to get on. Worked a charm for me.

SnakeCQC1780d ago

Since last night its been working pretty well for me

Ripsta7th1780d ago

I got on last night(today actually)at 2 am and was playing smoothly, got sleepy and then earlier today around 8 it was fine. Then around 12 the R* cloud servers went down again

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