Kingdom Hearts III: The Marathon Wait

For fans of the Kingdom Hearts series, the recently released Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix was a bit like an appetizer. It’s enough to tide us over for a bit longer, but it’s also not what we really want: the third main game in the series. Unfortunately, Square Enix seems intent on releasing everything but that title. Since the first game, there have been seven releases in the series, and almost all of them were side titles.

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crxss1752d ago

Square-Enix: The Marathon Wait

1752d ago
3-4-51752d ago

SE put all their money into FF 13 1,2,3 , FF14 & it's remake + FF 15.

That is probably where 60-70% of their money is at.

That is why we haven't had more Dragon Quest or new IP's.

Bluepowerzz1751d ago

are you retarded you know kh has outsold many ff games

Goku7811752d ago

It'll be here for the 2015 1DS

EXVirtual1752d ago

As long as it's a great game I be fine with waiting for 2 or 3 years.

EXVirtual1752d ago

No bro. Just no. Lol
Anyway, if you've seen Matsuda-sama's recent, you'd understand why I'm not worried.

no_more_heroes1752d ago

Don't you dare...

Don't you even DARE...

Magicite1752d ago

I totally loved KH2 and will wait whatever it takes for KH3!

XboxFun1752d ago

KH:III is going to be a great game. Can't wait to play it for the Xbox One.

ZHZ901752d ago

KHIII will be great and Ican't wait to pick it up on PS4!

VitaOwner1752d ago

I wonder why the Xbox 360 didn't get Kingdom Hearts Hd 1.5 Remix. It would have been a great way to introduce the game to people who primarily use Xbox since the 3rd main game of the series is coming out for Xbox One and PS4.

DarkZane1752d ago

KH2.5 Final Mix will come before KH3.

no_more_heroes1752d ago

It will (right, Square?). It's coming Fall 2014(RIGHT, SQUARE???).

Bluepowerzz1751d ago

^ i want them to announce 2.5

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The story is too old to be commented.