IGN: Unreal Tournament 3 360 Hands-On

Unreal Tournament 3 released last fall on PS3 and PC while we Xbox 360 owners sat by the sidelines and looked on at the gorgeous twitch shooter. The wait ends this summer as Epic Games and Midway are bringing the game to Microsoft's console with a few new additions and a few things taken out. IGN got some hands-on time with the Xbox 360 version at last at Midway's Gamers Day event in Las Vegas and came away impressed, but that should come as no surprise given the studio making the game.

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wow4u3891d ago

"As far as creating and sharing content, that is still up in the air. We asked Mark Rein, VP of Epic Games, if there were any plans to bring that feature over to the 360 and he told us they were working with Microsoft to hopefully work something out."

Sounds promising. Clearly this is all about security and not technology, I can think of ways to make this work easily enough (say, a Epic managed site that accepts code submissions for release after auditing..)

The question becomes, who / how do they keep people from writing cheat-clients and security problems...

I Call 9MM3891d ago

Hmmm, no keyboard and mouse support. Well, that was too be expected, thank you Microsoft. Might have to pick this one up after my other FPSes start to get a little stale.