Shortlist Design Tech Award Winners (Next-gen gaming tech of the year)

In terms of raw horsepower, the Xbox One and PS4 are evenly matched. But Xbox One is voice-controlled and also comes with Microsoft’s promise of high-end servers, which will make for even faster gaming in the future.

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majiebeast1818d ago

Look at all dem hipster products.

xHeavYx1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Lol, some fanboys live off of promises "also comes with Microsoft’s promise of high-end servers, which will make for even faster gaming in the future."
My other favorite quote "In terms of raw horsepower, the Xbox One and PS4 are evenly matched. But Xbox One is voice-controlled"
I translate that to "The One is less powerful, more expensive, but hey, you can talk to it, you won't be forever alone anymore"

Mike134nl1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

It seems like they focus on innovative aspects in their awards. Obvious that ps4 wins in design hands down. Also the site seems to be dedicated towards a more high income casual market in which a xbox one with its media focus and functionality might be more interesting.

Though I do agree that Microsoft seems to be more innovative with their new tech in kinect and their cloud 'promises'.

ThanatosDMC1818d ago

"In terms of raw horsepower, the Xbox One and PS4 are evenly matched" <-- news to me

webeblazing1818d ago

MS at least took a risk with less power trade off for Kinect. I give them that cause they usual don't try to do $hit unless its a guarantee. i don't see the big deal about the power difference its not like its a massive gap. i just hope they start producing more true exclusives like i said MS is the king when it comes to not trying.

xHeavYx1818d ago

"MS at least took a risk with less power trade off for Kinect"
Stopped reading there

redwin1817d ago

And as "heavy" reads the article, he begins to feel buyer's remorse and wants everyone to buy his product of choice, so he trolls the opposition. Lol... Just get them both dude, there are no losers in this two way race .

xHeavYx1817d ago

and out of nowhere, an Xbox fanboy appears to try to put me down, interestingly, with nothing to say other than bashing, because Microsoft fans do the talk, but when it comes to fact, they prefer not to argue

redwin1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

@ heavy. I preorder 2 xbones and one ps4. If I want power use my Alienware . Lol, I was one of the ones that paid $800 for a ps3 bundle when the ps3 came out. So, no, I'm not a MS fanboy, I just like games. I've had every system since 1982.

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malokevi1818d ago

I thought that was a great article. I love the website, nice design & cool concept.

WorldGamer1818d ago

OUCH. Goes to show you how personal preference can really throw other considerations out the window. Good for them, seems like they are really looking forward to some Kinect2 action.

To each their own I guess.

ape0071818d ago

"In terms of raw horsepower, the Xbox One and PS4 are evenly matched. But Xbox One is voice-controlled and also comes with Microsoft’s promise of high-end servers, which will make for even faster gaming in the future"

there u have it ladies and gentlemen

legit rational argument, only fanboys disagree, all MS need to do now is offer 2 SKU's because a 100$ price difference is huge for the market

majiebeast1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

"In terms of raw horsepower, the Xbox One and PS4 are evenly matched."

If you call evenly matched 50% more powerful.

These guys dont even know what they are talking about. legit rational argument where? half the stuff they listed are either false or things that they promise for the future.

ape0071818d ago

50% difference ??? LoL

KZ sf and Ryse both look stellar, Forza 5 looks better than Drive club and runs at 60FPS, i see no 50% differnce

im sorry but that is a myth, just like the cell processor doing 1080p and 120FPS

majiebeast1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Forza 5 looks better then Driveclub? Get your eyes checked. Driveclub looks better and doesnt use baked lighting, the thing Forza 5 has over it is 60FPS but if they had to use baked lighting to accomplish that its pretty bad.

Specs dont lie no matter how much you try to say its a myth.

Im sorry but i havent seen any Xbone game that comes close to Infamous SS in terms of tech scope or graphics and thats a first generation game. The gap is only gonna get bigger and bigger from that point.

DeadManIV1818d ago

@Ape, gt6 looks better than forza 5

ape0071818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )


fanboys are like religious zealots, thick skulls, the best thing is that deep down, u know you're wrong, that's why ur all mad

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xHeavYx1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

How ironic, you say fanboys will disagree, yet your comment lacks logic to fanboy degree.
Like I said before, what you quoted sounds to me like "The One is less powerful, more expensive, but MS pinky swore that Kinect and the Cloud will make everything better"

BlackTar1871818d ago

To a person who values games over all else the argument they gave is pretty damning.

1818d ago
xHeavYx1818d ago

@ Nick
Hey, look, a new user from the Xbox PR division.
" ryse looks graphical equivalent or better than any PS4 game"
Keep dreaming

Riderz13371818d ago

@Nickomatic -

MS - 15 exclusives first year, 8 are new IP

Sony - 20 exclusives first year, 12 are new IP


Also, Ryse does not look better than Killzone

1080P 60 FPS > 900P 30 FPS

1818d ago
1818d ago
BlackTar1871818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )


Please don't respond to my post with a wall of a post and 60% empty.

Anyways all i was pointing out that as a gamer who will own all systems (wiiU come Christmas) the reasons they gave for winning is not very Video game friendly. Xbox 360 started out great too and then nothing. I know some people love to play the same game franchises overand over thru an entire console life Halo(which i love) Gears( Which i liked #1 and #2 coop) and Forza(which are fun) then great more power to you. The fact is I don't buy my systems for instant gratification only i like to sustain healthy games that are exclusive experiences thru out the gen. I have nothing against Halo, Fable, Forza, Gears but sometime si like to step out in a new direction that isn't COD.

Anyways good for you and your list ill get to play all those games and all the PS games. But im gonna go with the track record when it comes to sustaining fresh ideas for more then yr 1-3.

Now if MS pulls a complete different approach then they have the last 2 gens with starting strong ending bad then i'm 100% for that.

Dead Rising is a title getting a Launch window exclusive Hype train. Loved the other ones but not many people cared to ZOMG what a great game etc for #2 or the expansion or DLC. Ryse other then pretty i feel would be a medicore accepted game had it not been exclusive. Same with Drive club and Knack. Im sure they have others. Im not a fan of Killzone games personally so im not pumped on it.

MoonWheel1818d ago

@nickomatic666 You seem to forget that those indie games aren't published by Sony. So Sony still has 15 unannounced exclusive games made by their studios. So ps4 gets those 20 exclusives plus all those indie games.

popup1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Sometimes, it feels to me me that more than a few MS 'exclusives' seem to be some kind of facsimile of an established Playstation franchise. This MS 'me too' feels pretty artificial and corporate to me, like they look down on us gamers, laughing at how easily we are bought and manipulated.

Thankfully, the games are, on the whole, pretty good and the teams behind them seem dedicated enough. I just wish there was more passion and confidence from MS rather than a such an obvious business model with such a cold heart. It's that confliction that has me torn on the Xbox One at the moment.

redwin1817d ago

@popup, multyplayer , hardrive ,online play, bigger remote, indies and online interface is not a "me too" from Xbox , it's essentially a "me too" from Sony . Remember when they said you don't need any of that? Lol. Remember , uncharted is a Tomb Raider me too. All these "great games" from Sony and they don't have a soul, they have been searching for their Halo or Mario for the last 17 years. Their lack of originality is their problem and they sell you a hardwear upgrade and they call it next-gen. They sell you a PC muse and they put it in a stick with a bulb and they call it a "new controller " .... Lol, AND YOU BUY IT...

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Riderz13371818d ago

From the website...


Ouya Android Console"

I died.

majiebeast1818d ago

I was expecting Nvidia shield to be on that list aswell:P

hellzsupernova1818d ago

Brace yourself winter is coming

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