GTA Online: Should We Be Upset About the Launch?

More than 24 hours after the launch of GTA Online, we still can't play. Does Rockstar get a pass?

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JackStraw1691d ago

let's see. biggest budget in gaming. shatters launch day sales. they have 2 weeks to prepare, or t least, soften the blow, and it's as if they didn't do a thing. now all of a sudden they're "working around the clock"? they should have been working around the clock these past 2 weeks. every game has its issues, but people expect the game to be playable at the very least. having a playable game with lots of annoying bugs is totally different than having a game that you literally can't play because of a bug.

GarrusVakarian1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I agree with your points, but at the same time i don't think any company could have prepared for the numbers that GTAO is achieving. (Not sticking up for R*, ive done my fair share of shouting at the screen in frustration).

minimur121691d ago

GTA O didn't do a beta, they had no idea how many sales they were going to get( minus pre order figures)
So they weren't anticipating that amount of server load, glitches? Who cares, you can play it can't you?

SnakeCQC1691d ago

So what they were supposed to do? shell out for an insane amount of servers two weeks prior and then do what with those servers 4-6 months down the line when people lose interest in the online of gta and have moved on to something new. Servers are incredibly expensive and the games world is massive. If the online worked flawlessly for everyone it would literally be a massive feat of tech ingenuity.

Crazay1691d ago

In a word...yes

They don't have to go or and blow the budget on servers. Just lease some space at a datacenter and spin up some new VMs to help carry the load. When they aren't needed, start bringing them down but with Xmas in the not so distant future, I expect they'll need them until at least spring

JoGam1691d ago

Two weeks to prepare? Yeah right.

chinlu1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I dont see it as a big deal. It will be playable. We payed for the single player imo, online is a bonus. Stop complaining.

And for the people that bought stuff for online but cant use it, go ahead and complain. Thats legitimate.

Fluke_Skywalker1691d ago

Anyone who expected the online launch to go smoothly simply has no idea how these things work. Having seen the sales figures, I was in no doubt that the online launch was gonna struggle. It'll be fine in a couple of weeks once people start drifting back to COD and Battlefield.

pompombrum1691d ago

I've seen my fair share of online launches but none as bad as this. Server instability sure.. but character progress not saving? characters getting deleted? People spending 100,000s ingame only to have what they buy not register as bought the next time they load the game up? Things like this are unacceptable in 2013 and clearly they should have done an open beta instead of a full release.

RedSoakedSponge1691d ago

it seems to be pretty stable right now! its improved a lot since launch day

majiebeast1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Im pretty sure i paid for online seeing as its on the boxart and has been advertised as this amazing thing, so no it isnt a bonus.

Get your stuff together Rockstar.

Blacktric1691d ago

"We payed for the single player imo, online is a bonus. Stop complaining."

I bet you're now going into hibernation to wait for that check Rockstar might send your way. People are entitled to their opinion on the matter, seeing as they have paid for the full game, which includes GTA Online as advertised. Get over yourself.

Hellsvacancy1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I'm not angry about it, i'm quite happy at the moment trying to reach 100% in game completion, however, the online is inexcusable, R* MUST of known how many millions of gamers would buy GTAV just by simply looking back at there previous records

GTAIV was broken online for quite a while, Red Dead was also pretty broken, both games sold MILLIONS, did R* somehow think GTAV would fail? do pre-order numbers say nothing?

Those people saying silly things like "but at the same time I don't think any company could have prepared for the numbers that GTAO is achieving" are talking total bullsh!t

Like I said, I'm not mad, rather disappointed, you would of thought with all the money R* have made from us including past titles they would have the knowledge to predict future problems, especially if online has been a BIG weakness in the past

SnakeCQC1691d ago

I just finished the story mode last night and was saddened, as I just wanted MORE.

The_Truth_24_71691d ago

Reviews for the online portion should be no higher than an 5/10. Unacceptable.

majiebeast1691d ago

Why do you think online didnt launch with the game, they saw this coming and didnt want that 98 metacritic rating to suffer. Which is still ridiculous for a game with so many flaws.

Bathyj1691d ago

Kind of what I was getting at below.

Bathyj1691d ago

I have no interest in the online portion, thats not why I bought the game. But I do wonder why R* gets a bit of a past on the online portion of their games.

Yes the single player is stellar, but if a game like Gears of War or Uncharted had a great single player game and a broken multiplayer would their scores suffer because of it? I think they probably would.

Come to think about it, it was a shrewd move of them to launch the online 2 weeks after the MP, when the majority of the review score were out already and (deservedly) praising the game. It made them immune to any rebukes on the multiplayer side. I mean a 10/10 SP game with a 6/10 MP would get an 8 or there abouts wouldnt it? A good lawyer doesnt just ask all the right questions, he has to not ask the wrong ones. Many games have been marked down for a tacked on MP.

Anyway, its just food for thought. Reviews dont matter that much to me other than giving me a yardstick to compare my own opinions against. The games still at least a 9 for me so I'm still enjoying it.

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