The Legend of Zelda: Ranking Every Game From Worst To Best

There are few names in the gaming world that demand the level of respect that The Legend of Zelda does. It may not be the highest selling video game series in the world (it’s never even had its own Mountain Dew flavour), but anyone who seriously calls themselves a gamer could never deny the importance of this franchise.

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kirbyu1690d ago

No. A Link to the Past is not #1.

EcoSos31690d ago

The reason many people see Ocarina as #1 is because it was ether their first game or just the first to go 3d. For me is:

#1 A Link to the Past
#2 Majora's Mask
#3 Wind Waker

The_Villager1690d ago

I don't agree with this list at all but I think that's the point. There are so many good Zelda games that it's impossible to order them from "worst" to "best" when they're all so damn good.

chrissx1690d ago

There's no way ocarina of time is #4. That game should be in the top 2

BosSSyndrome1690d ago

Personally, Skyward Sword is my number 1, but to each his own.

stragomccloud1690d ago

I hate when people do rankings in a series since it's such a subjective topic. My Zelda ranking is very different from this, and based on the comments here, I can see that everyone else has a different ranking. So... What's everyone else's top 5???
Mine are:
5)Linnk to the Past
4)Ocarina of Time
2)Majora's Mask
1)Skyward Sword

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