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The Watch Dogs PC specs may not be that demanding after all

Following yesterday's rather high PC system specs leak, Ubisoft's graphics technical director says that these are not final.

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Community1837d ago
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syrinx1837d ago
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GentlemenRUs1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

8 cores or 4 with hyper-threading?

Because 8 cores is pathetic... I own a i7-3770 but I should not have to go buy a 8 core CPU...

Deividas1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Did you not read the article?
The specs posted for Watch dogs was not official by Ubisoft and clearly stated that those were far too high and will require less. I doubt it wil actually require 8 Core CPU

GentlemenRUs1837d ago

Hmm, I wonder how I got the 8 core... I know! I did read the article and it said 8 core...

I was talking about if it was req to have a 8 core...

Dante811837d ago

I refuse to say that my 8320 is 8 "cores". It's a 4 module processor, that's what companies should be listing it as. I doubt Intel i5/i7 quad owners need to worry about anything.

duplissi1836d ago

Yeah but each module has to full cores, they are only called modules because some of the resources are shared between the two cores.

ryan4611837d ago

Pretty sure its 4 cores with hyperthreading. Only server spec CPUs have 8 cores. Sometimes checks with use Cores/threads interchangeably.

JsonHenry1837d ago

Even at the false recommended specs I am good to go. If they are not that demanding in the end then I am golden for sure.

creepjack1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Any 4 core I7 will blow the doors off of the 8 core in the PS4, so if a good 4 core isn't enough, then they just REALLY suck at optimization.

aquamala1837d ago

exactly, just look at the benchmarks of the 8-core AMD FX-8320 , it's significantly worse than a 4-core i5-2500k

and FX-8320 have better cores and double the frequency of the CPUs in the next gen consoles

windblowsagain1837d ago

PS4 CPU does 102.gflops.

It's actually very close to I5-2500K.

@4.5ghz, i5 2500k pushes about 125gflops.

I think alot of people tend to forget, PS4'S gpu will be doing graphics and physics on it's GPU anyway/ Compute takes care of that. And it's does compute faster then a 680gtx.

That's why it's called a supercharged pc architecture. It's not more powerful then top of the range pc's. But each part of the PS4 is like an overclocked version, But only needs to produce visuals at 1080p and proably just uses an mlaa or fxaa AA version.

MidnytRain1837d ago

It also costs less, so it's not that bad.

ProjectVulcan1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )


PS4's CPU theoretical 'peak' flops might appear half decent but in practical applications CPU performance is way, way more than just peak flops performance. CELL didn't teach you that?? That measurement in terms of CPU is far less useful than it would be for GPU compute.

I can tell you now a five year old intel i7 920 quad core rated at 'just' 40 gigaflops would utterly destroy the 8 core in PS4 at virtually anything you care to mention- definitely game code!

PS4's CPU using all 8 cores would be lucky to match a modern dual core intel like an i3 3xxx series.

The quad core variant of the chip it is based on- AMD Jaguar, is barely half as fast as the Intel dual cores I pointed out in the real world.

So even doubling up the number of cores it still probably isn't as fast (especially considering they are basically two quads welded together and not a native octacore which would be more efficient)

EXCEPT devs can only use 6 cores, so its even slower.

PS4 will never beat a higher end GPU at compute, its CPU will never beat a decent Intel dual core head to head. What it has going for it is fixed platform optimisation, not raw power.

ppazuzu1837d ago

Seems kind of weird that they'd use such silly specs as placeholders, but it's good news that they weren't final.

kevnb1837d ago

I'm not surprised, no matter how you slice it next gen consoles have really weak processors. It's going to be an ongoing battle to not bottleneck those gpus on console.

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