Grand Theft Auto Is Not Going Anywhere In The Next 45 Year

Rockstar has so much plans for the Grand Theft Auto that in fact when you will be 60 ( if your 20 right now ) Rockstar will be still making Grand Theft Auto. According to one report Rockstar got plans for Grand Theft Auto for the next 45 years. So GTA is not running anywhere for the next 45 years.

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Mikelarry1625d ago

so strap in mainstream media we have got 45 years of you b&**$ about how gaming is linked violence and the destruction of humanity

ApolloTheBoss1625d ago

Lawd have mercy. At that point the maps will be as big as the freakin' planet.

snipab8t1625d ago

GTA: Worldwide.

Now that would be sick.

KingOfArcadia1625d ago

Well, I hope that I'll still be gaming when I'm in my late eighties. I'll probably be lucky to be able to wipe my own ass.

jeenyus1625d ago

"45 Year", illiterate random Wordpress blog chasing attention with the best selling name atm. The garbage the web world has become.

Doubt GTA will last 45 years, but damn sure we're gonna get at least 2 more.

denero11625d ago

Only 45 year that sucks I was hoping for 50 year maybe 55 year god help us if we get 60 year

jeenyus1625d ago

100 year would be the bestest!