Gears of War surprise hidden in 360 UT3

Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games, has told that there is a hidden reference to Gears of War in the 360 version of FPS Unreal Tournament 3.

"The game (Gears 2) is spectacularly good," he told "I'm not committing to any features. In the mean time, buy UT3. There might be a surprise in UT3 that's Gears related. Just saying. In the 360 version. You'll have to buy the game and find out."

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chaosatom3333893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Aren't unreal and gears using the same engine?

So they use the new updated engine in unreal or not?

skynidas3893d ago

Maybe a beta code...hmmmmm

gta_cb3893d ago

is what hes on about, i may just have to go down and buy the game again =p the good thing is i could then compare them both =)

v1c1ous3893d ago

mark is getting desperate to try and sell UT3 on 360.

sorry mark, you missed that boat :/

devilhunterx3893d ago

Youre soooo right. He is like a used car saleman.

Ri0tSquad3893d ago

I'm sure someone will buy it. It's a decent FPS.

kewlkat0073893d ago

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it...

Looks like UT3 just helped itself with a little bump in sales.

devilhunterx3893d ago

and they rely on people like you everytime..

kewlkat0073893d ago

I took a break from shooters...This is just something I thought epic might of done and I was right, that's all.

I have a ps3 and PC, I would of getting this game already brah..

Iron Man 23893d ago

Shane Kim guesses this makes up for the lack of mod support on the Xbox 360 version of UTIII,not!;)


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The story is too old to be commented.