BioWare isn't sure Kinect belongs in Dragon Age on Xbox One - yet

OXM UK - "I don't know about you, but if an overfed flying, fire-breathing iguana dropped through my roof, the first thing I'd do is yell something at it. Something along the lines of: "That mantelpiece wasn't insured, Mr Dinosaur - accordingly, I now require you to batten upon the anguish that is a heavily upgraded greatsword." Please add in exclamation marks as you see fit."

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P0werVR1746d ago


I'd say just leave it out...unless you have a great idea. Than by all means go ahead.

True_Samurai1746d ago

Probably use voice spells like skyrim

GarrusVakarian1746d ago

No need to implement it just for the sake of implementing it.

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consolez_FTW1746d ago

Bioware- "we're not sure if kinect belongs in dragon age yet"

Microsoft- old friend Mr.Franklin thinks differently *whips out $100 bill sensually*


betrayed gamer1746d ago

couldn't they use it for face mapping in the game?

betrayed gamer1746d ago

i hope they do that for the next mass effect.

nukeitall1746d ago

If Bioware can't find some awesome optional uses for Kinect One, then I doubt their game would be good.

Voice control for menus or weapons witching like in ME3, face mapping, spell casting and so on. So many ways to use it!

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