AMD clarifies: Mantle is not AMD's CUDA, Microsoft was well aware of its existence

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, French website Hardware interviewed AMD’s Raja Koduri who shared some interesting information about the red team’s upcoming API. According to Raja, Microsoft was well aware of the existence of Mantle. Not only that, but AMD will continue working with Microsoft on all the latest versions of DirectX, just like they’ve been doing this whole time."

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Whitey2k1813d ago

I wonder if sony ps4 will sport mantle with opengl if ms still working with direct x

kryteris1813d ago

we already know mantle is multiplatform.

DeadManIV1813d ago

i think mantle is also on next gen consoles

Pandamobile1813d ago

It's for Windows, Linux and OSX (only on Windows for now).

Why would next-gen consoles need Mantle when the entire point of it is to bring low level console-ish optimizations to PC.

JokesOnYou1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

"Microsoft on every version of DirectX and we will continue to do that and obviously we wouldn’t surprise them with anything like Mantle so you can read between the lines.“

-OK I get it Mantle is going to help low level development on PC like on a console and AMD is going to help micro implementing DirectX but what are we suppose to read between the lines? Is there some sort of Mantle + X1 tie in? Just wondering because of all the read between the lines talk is confusing.

SniperControl1813d ago


To be honest, I dont think consoles have any use for Mantle as such, both consoles come with there own low level API's anyway, this is geared towards PC's being more efficient processing the GPU's power, which we all know DX does not do to well.

nukeitall1813d ago


I think reading between the lines means, MS is working closely with AMD implementing Mantle into DirectX, which the Xbox One also uses. This will benefit both platforms.

That is likely why Mantle isn't completely open.

Pandamobile1813d ago

No, Mantle is supposed to be an alternative to DirectX and OpenGL.

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P0werVR1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

If anything Mantle will more likely be Xbox One's low level API.

Trade off of technologies from both sides. Whatever they did in the skunkworks, proves so.



Oh yeah, that's right. Xbox One is "very different" from Windows. Gotcha!

SniperControl1813d ago

Pandamobile is correct in what he says, Windows 8 and the X1UI may come from the same stable, but they are completely different beasts.
The X1 uses a low level API that utilises DX very heavily, MS has stated this many times.
Mantle is a completely different kettle of fish, as at it's core the API is has no need for DX.
AMD are working with MS to implement the use of DX within there games for PC.

P0werVR1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Hey, I understand all this. I'm not ignorant. But to go out your way and claim that certain features of either APIs are not implemented, especially Microsoft's DirectX+ (customized) for the Xbox One. It's just ignoring the obvious.

Besides, Mantle is possible on the consoles.

So if AMD can use Microsoft's programmable audio on their GPU. Why wouldn't it be any benefit the other way around from AMD to Microsoft?!


"Microsoft on every version of DirectX and we will continue to do that and obviously we wouldn’t surprise them with anything like Mantle so you can read between the lines.“

Ignoring the obvious.

imt5581813d ago

Mantle is nothig but "coding to the metal" that is also available on PS4. PS4 has it much more before Microsoft when he is update XO with MONO drivers :

TedCruzsTaint1813d ago

Mantle is the PC equivalent (more or less) to what developers can already do when designing on console. At least that's what I've taken from the information I've had on it.
It's really just about making the most of the hardware at hand and bringing out as much performance as possible by bypassing a lot of the fluff that weighs it down.

Kayant1813d ago

Consoles don't need it. It's made for PC specifically. Consoles already have low level style APIs. PS4 - GNM, Xbox one - Mono.

P0werVR1813d ago

Yeah, but either way. It would be a huge benefit for either console if it's precisely for the GCN architectures.

Anonagrog1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

P0werVR, the console api's will already provide the "huge benefit" you refer to, along with full access to all hardware specifics of either system. Trying to reduce the abstraction penalty is exactly the point here.

imt5581813d ago

PS4 also has coding "to the metal" dude.

Letros1812d ago

You ps4 fanboys don't have clue how tech works, go troll some Xbox article I heard PS4 is now 51% more powerful!

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voodoogts1813d ago

AMD + Microsoft = domination.l!

DeadManIV1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

pretty sure AMD is in PS4, as well as Mantle

pete0071813d ago

...and its been developped with MSFT. people are getting bored with heavy APIs, specially console devs, who need low level access to maximize hw, i kinda see on the future some kind of integration between both, who knowz,

SniperControl1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

No it's not, MS have nothing to do with it. Mantle is being developed by AMD and EA, more specifically Dice.

If anything, the new API is more related to PS4's GNM API.

christocolus1813d ago

iv always known that ms and amd have had a long history of working together but hearing from amd that ms actually knew about mantle all along makes me wonder?something aint adding up..something indeed smells fishy about this api...

SniperControl1813d ago

Thats because Mantle has no need for DX, MS have invested a bucket load of money into DX research, dont see them dropping it sometime soon.
Saying that, I did hear somewhere that this particular DX was going to be there last.....

christocolus1813d ago

you may be right but i feel ms may also have something to do with the development of mantle may not be a direct involvement i.e technical one, but i just feel ms surely is involved somehow