Most Effective But Not Well Know GTA Online Tips and Tricks

Here is the list of most effective but not known to many tips and trick of Grand Theft Auto Online

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GarrusVakarian1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Easy money:

Hold up stores (even easier in solo session due to no distractions.)
Deliver and sell cars for Simeon (i got 6 grand for one sports car)
Do races (if you come first you get around 5 grand possibly more)

Today alone ive made 25 grand that i spent on a garage for my vehicles. I don't really see the point of the micro transactions if money is this easy to make. Unless you are a lazy rich Ahole.....or don't have much time on your hands.

Once you get to around level 10 and you start unlocking new game modes like vehicle deathmatch and base jump races you earn money simply for having fun, it doesn't even feel like a grind.

grumpc1776d ago

Yep you got it! I held up about 5 stores in a row in solo online. worked a treat. Here's to not spending real money on virtual money!

GarrusVakarian1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Ive heard and read that you get charged when you die but im pretty sure that's false, unless its just me not noticing it. But i haven't noticed any money being taken out of my account when another player has killed me (free roam or deathmatch) nor when ive died during an online mission.

Also, the max money ive collected off a dead player is $100. I don't think you can take any more....but correct me if im wrong.

grumpc1776d ago

I'm sorry to say you do lose money when you die, I didn't realise and dropped down from $19k to $14k because I got into a feud with one guy and we both died about 6 or 7 times.

I did also collect $199 off of his dead body once.

bloop1776d ago

I had more than $6000 cash on me when I went back to freeroam after a mission and I spawned right beside a guy with a shotgun in my face but I did'nt lose all my money when I died. You're supposed to drop all cash when you die but maybe it's a bug that you only drop $100 at a time. As for losing money when you die, check your bank account transactions!!! $2000 every time you die!!! My only gripe with the game!!! I'm loving it, but if you end up getting into tit for tat with someone you can lose thousands!! $2K is too much everytime you die

GarrusVakarian1776d ago

Its been taking money off me when i die, just noticed it. But its definitely not 2 grand. More like $200.

bloop1775d ago

Maybe it goes up the more you level up. I didn't notice it at first either, but I'm at level 16 now so maybe it takes more when you get higher up. The last time I looked at my transactions it's definitely saying "-$2000 for medical and bail bills" or something along those lines.