Pokemon X And Y Pre-Orders Exceed 1.26 Million Sales In Japan

Pokemon X and Y pre-orders has just exceed more than 1.26 million copies of the game, the figures can be found on Siliconera.

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shahab911753d ago

Wow that's amazing. Pokemon X and Y for the win. =)

KonsoruMasuta1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

The 3DS sales are about to skyrocket even more.

Ripsta7th1753d ago

Im gettin one soon just for Pokemon Y

TURKEYonWH3AT1749d ago

I got a 3DS just for Pokemon Y lol

Moncole1753d ago

And people say Nintendo is doomed.

KonsoruMasuta1753d ago

That's far from true.

This is happening right now at Nintendo

mcstorm1753d ago

Nintendo are far from doomed and tbh so are Sony and Microsoft which as a gamer is good news. I have to say I don't like Nintendo though as due to me getting my other half animal crossing I have had to go out and pre order her a 2ds so I can have my 3ds back to play Pokemon x lol.

Really loving the 3ds at the moment as well as my Wiiu with wonderful101 and pikmin 3 and as of tomorrow Zelda windwaker.

animegamingnerd1753d ago

at this point nintendoom is as overused as half life 3 confirm

Blastoise1753d ago

This is cool and all, but hasn't this been posted about 3 times before?

KonsoruMasuta1753d ago

And it should be posted as many times as it needs to be. I say once for every "Nintendo is doooooooooooomed!" article.

Blastoise1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

I haven't seen a "Nintendo is doooooooooooomed!" article in ages but okay...

truechainz1753d ago

There are plenty of stupid repeat articles that have been posted way more than this.

o2a11753d ago

well this is kind of new, to be honest, this was posted yesterday in famitsu

thepatientgamer1753d ago

I have loved every iteration of pokemon with only diamond and pearl being a low point. I feel that this venture into full 3d, actually cool looking pokemon, and a brand new type will act as a rebirth for the series. Get pumped, It may just be speculation, but I'm ready to go catch them all all over again. On the incredible numbers for a handheld game, I can only say congratulations Nintendo.

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