Mega Evolutions Equal Mega Failure in Pokemon X and Y

Jeff: "Pokemon—now the second best-selling gaming franchise of all time—has maintained its popularity for more than a decade, and it has made new fans throughout the creating of each generation. The primary reason for this is simply due to new groups of kids becoming exposed to the franchise for the first time....."

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MeatheadMilitia1748d ago

Is Pokemon on it's last leg?

EcoSos31748d ago

Hell no, this gen is just starting and it's going to be the best.

MeatheadMilitia1748d ago

I was always a Magic the Gathering kid so Pokemon was never really something I looked into, I kind of back burnered it and never checked it out 100%

user55757081747d ago

mega evolution just adds more depth to the game with new abilities and team strategies for the hardcore and for the casual crowd it adds cool new images of these super powered pokemon

MuhammadJA1747d ago

Every new gen is the best! We already know that.

EcoSos31748d ago

I have played Magic the gathering and found it too easy, still I don't see how a card game keep you away from a video game. But it's Pokemon it gets bash for not making enough changes but when it does it also gets bash because they're desperate....?

MeatheadMilitia1748d ago

I was in a transitional phase where I went from playing MTG to not playing MTG and stopped caring about that scene. Not because I hated it, but I grew out of it, so I wasn't going to pick up Pokemon at the time because I didn't really care too :) No hate here kind person :)

EcoSos31748d ago

So what was your last Pokemon game?

MeatheadMilitia1748d ago

I think people are looking too far into my question haha. Let is be known I want the Pokemon franchise to continue and with great success, it is a game that has a niche and brings new people into the gaming community and makes our industry better.

Nerdmaster1747d ago

I'm still trying to figure out what Magic and Pokémon have to do with each other. It's like saying "I loved board games, because of that I didn't like soccer".

Unless you're talking about Pokémon Trading Card Game. But, still, it has nothing to do with the video games.

EcoSos31747d ago

He's just trolling for hits he doesn't have any idea what's he's talking about, Pokemon "copying" digimon lol.

MeatheadMilitia1747d ago

In general I never understood Pokemon, video game or card game, just pokemon in general. And my never understanding of Pokemon and the love for it that people have is because when I was growing up MTG was big. With that being said, from what I have been hearing and reading, people have been saying that Pokemon has been getting stale and I remember when MTG got stale, which is why I stopped playing, even when they came out with another computer video game much later in their life cycle. I apologize to anyone that doesn't understand what i'm trying to say haha but it seems certain people are mis interpreting me, so I'll gracefully bow out now. Glad to see the Pokemon community is so passionate.

SoulSercher6201747d ago

Wow so you're not into Pokemon but you're calling it a failure? Yeah definitely fishing for hits. Downvote this garbage people.

3-4-51747d ago

say what you want, but that black & light blue Charzard is possibly the coolest looking Pokemon I've ever seen.

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DDDGirlGamer851748d ago

When your turning House hold appliances in "Pokemon" you've just gotten lazy

KonsoruMasuta1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

I'm not trying saying that there are not lazy Pokémon concepts these new generations, because there are. But there were lazy one in older gens too.

A rock with arms and a face.

A purple rat.

The unown were modeled after letters in the alphabet.

I can go on.

DDDGirlGamer851747d ago

I rcok face monster is more creative than a Living Pine cone, And rats and Seals are animals which are what Pokemon are suppose to be not fucking Intimate objects.

AWBrawler1747d ago

what rulebook said they should be animals? explain ditto. he looks like gum, or what about tangela, it's litterally tangled vines, electrode and voltorb are pokeballs, and magnemite is a dang magnet.

-Foxtrot1748d ago

I feel like the game felt so different and refreshing when I saw the first few trailers for Pokemon X and Y that it didn't need stuff like Mega Evolutions.

If it's just a feature for the region where in this game then fair enough but it's not something I want to see in future games.

Still though I can't believe they don't want to make a console version. Imagine a huge map, hell half the size of GTAV would do where you can go out and explore, catching Pokemon and finding secret stuff/easer eggs :)

vitullo311748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Man if they made a pokemon game for wii u with a map even half that size.. I dont think i would ever leave my house

4logpc1748d ago

The pre orders that are now over 1.3 million would disagree.

SeraphimBlade1748d ago

The author's point seems to be "CHANGE IS BAD." He doesn't give a good reason why mega evolutions are bad, he just that they're there and that this is a bad thing.

xander707691748d ago

I agree, I honestly couldn't tell if this article was even supposed to be serious. I'm super excited for this generation, this feels like something that should have happened many generations ago; fully detailed anime-style 3-D graphics, and entirely new game mechanics. Pokemon has been a stagnant franchise, though it stayed popular enough that it didn't *need* to change, but boy am I glad to see the changes that are finally coming after all this time. This is akin to a reboot for the series, and older pokemon are going to be back to the focus again. Adding the original kanto starters is just plain awesome.

I had mixed feelings about the mega evolutions, but after following it for a while it seems like it will work fine. For those who don't know how it works, what I've gathered from leaks and teasers is that you will only be able to mega evolve one pokemon in your party; you can't have 6 mega evolved pokemon in one battle. I think you can choose when it mega evolves during battle, or it may mega evolve right at the start, but in either case the mega evolution does not take up the turn - it can attack immediately after mega evolving.

It's essentially a way to make certain regular pokemon stand up to legendary pokes. And some of the revealed mega evolutions just look so cool, like both mega charizards, mega blastoise, mega garchomp etc. can't wait.

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