Update: ESRB Does Allow Differently Rated Downloadable Content, If Content Is Optional

MTV Multiplayer: "The Entertainment Software Ratings Board thinks downloadable content is good, but not if the content steps outside of the original product's rating, we reported Wednesday.

That's not exactly the case.

The ESRB contacted MTV Multiplayer this morning to provide some clarification on ESRB president Patricia Vance's comments from the MI6 Conference.

Downloadable content can stray from the original rating, as long as the content is an optional downoad for the user."

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Alcohog3893d ago

How do you regulate the age of who buys DLC?

himdeel3892d ago

Do I win a prize? They need to let parents and responsible individuals get off their collective buttcheeks and use common sense. Expanding or trying to expand regulations to DLC is a waste of time and resources.

That's like taking food home and deciding you don't want to put it in the fridge. Once you buy it you can do whatever you want with it and add whatever you want to it without having the restaurant call you and ask you if you remember to put your food away or to ask that you don't add anything to the meal they created.