DICE’s Battlefield: Bad Company Franchise May Not See Light Again Until 2016

At this point, DICE seems to be pretty overwhelmed with projects. The impending release of Battlefield 4 along with all of its future additional content, coupled with the announcements of Star Wars: Battlefront‘s revival and Mirror’s Edge‘s prequel did not bode well for one of DICE’s other acclaimed franchises: Battlefield: Bad Company.

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aksmashh1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

I was hoping for next winter!!

I enjoyed bc2 much more then bf3, I even spent more hours on the vietnam dlc then bf3!

UnholyLight1747d ago

It's a strange duality for me;

In some aspects I love Battlefield 3 after coming off of Bad Company 2,

And in some aspects I loved Bad Company 2 more. I enjoyed the absolutely massive maps and town assault style maps that Bad Company 2 had and it's destructible buildings!!! Not to mention sniping was a whole lot more fun I think. I was a much better sniper in Bad Company 2 and I knew how to account for the bullet drop but Battlefield 3 is so much harder to figure out. Even on Caspian Border a guy rarely uses the sniper in Battlefield 3!

KazHiraiFTW1746d ago

I agree I was really hoping for BC3 this year or early 2014 instead of BF4. After playing the beta and watching all the vids BF4 just seems like BF3.5 to me. Really no gameplay improvements whatsoever, not to mention DICE not taking advantage of new technology. The least they could've done is increase the graphical fidelity just a little bit.

I really enjoyed BF3 but in the end BC2 was way more fun and I'm looking forward to BC3

UnholyLight1742d ago

Well I think the beta isn't representative of the graphics we'll be seeing. I wouldn't be surprised if the beta is running at a much lower setting. I mean the graphics really are bland and lines are not sharp (very blurred) on Xbox 360.

Xbox One/PS4 on the other hand is what I am concerned about since that will be what I am gonna purchase the game of those two consoles (can't decide which)

Izzy4081747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Once they roll Bf4 out, I hope they begin working on BFBC3 and release it somewhere around late 2015 / spring 2016.

TransientDreamer1747d ago

They probably target it for Holiday 2016. 2015 is the year of Star Wars.

KazHiraiFTW1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )


I think that's exactly what will happen if they ever plan on doing a BC3. DICE is a huge developer and EA will give them any resources they need to complete projects. Star wars won't affect the development of the BF franchise at all, they are made by separate teams.

FullmetalRoyale1747d ago

Then I guess that'll be the next time that I buy a Battlefield game.

What a shame, as I have some fond memories of BC2.

I won't buy a broken mess again after BF3. I vowed to not buy the next one, and I'm a man of my word.

Hopefully BC3 is a return to form.

Riderz13371747d ago

I think Bad Company 2 is the best Battlefield game to date. I really enjoyed Battlefield 3 and put tons of hours into it, but I still don't find it as fun as Bad Company 2. The maps in BC2 were so much fun. I loved the jungle maps and there just seemed to be so much more variety in BC2 in terms of maps. The only thing I disliked is there wasn't a lot of customization for the weapons.

dcj05241747d ago

So because of ONE game your going to just boycott the whole series? Battlefield 4 is bringing battlefield back to its roots of Battlefield 2. I love bad company and bought both when they came out but multiplayer wise the base battlefield games ( BF2, BFV,BF1942,BF4) offer ALOT more.

FullmetalRoyale1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Take it easy man, it's all good.

I never said anything about boycotting. It isn't a fair debate if you try and change what was actually said. The launch was a mess.

EA, DICE, WHOMEVER showed me how much they value putting out a good product. I couldn't play it for a couple of weeks after I bought it. That isn't acceptable.

More importantly than the fact that I simply did not enjoy BF3, I simply do not want BF4.

Is that not reason enough to not purchase it?

Imho the launch was a serious middle finger to me as a customer.

And aside from that, I WANT BC3. I do not want BF4.

Sorry to jump around and around on this comment but you also said that I was swearing of the entire series: "So because of ONE game your going to just boycott the whole series?"

No sir. I simply don't want BF4 after what they delivered with BF3.

I'm not going to purchase something that isn't what I personally want. When they bring back the Bad Company 2 *destruction is when they'll get my money.

Not a moment before.

*Edited for a foolish typographical error, yo.

venom061747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

who cares... Bad Company really wasn't all that.. no jets, not as many gadgets, and no Domination or Commaner mode.. BF4 with Comamander Mode, 60FPS and 64 man servers will be the awesomeness that will hold us over until Titanfall.. 60FPS and 64 man servers will be awesome...

Dlacy13g1747d ago

If they bring it back.... please Dice / EA do us a favor and go back to the fun quirky characters of BC1 and not the more serious BC2.

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