Petition against EA's Team Fortress 2 online

Team Fortress 2, which was included in the Orange Box, was released last year. It already had its fair share of problems on the day of release, however it seems that the game still has a lot of online issues. Yesterday an angry gamer apparently couldn't take it anymore and started a petition regarding the problems.

The issues that are listed in the petition (which are quite a lot) are of the PS3 version. Which, ofcourse, comes as no surprise, seeing as how EA constantly keeps complaining about working with the next-generation console of Sony.

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Yi-Long3893d ago

... they're probably the biggest and richest software-only company (game-wise), yet they apparently cant manage to hire capable programmers to get a proper release out of the door...

They keep throwing unfinished crap onto the market, instead of first making sure it all works and works properly.... and yet they still charge full-price for their hurried releases...

BlazeXXL3893d ago

I find it horrible that this company can get away with these kind of things. I mean, just look at the list, that's not a game, that's a f*cking joke..

EA, you will never get my money.

marichuu3893d ago

"yet they apparently cant manage to hire capable programmers"
Well... nobody wants to work for them to begin with :P
The other thing being that they want all the money for themselves. Remember the "Cartman land" episode of South Park? Well... EA = Cartman

003893d ago

blame the stupid people that keep buying their crap.

Mr_Showtime13892d ago

EA have gotten to a stage where they have realised, we can reproduce the same crap every year and invest little money and time into games, but still make a crap load of moeny, cause people keep buyig it

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Gia Secando3893d ago

Title after title EA releases is just horrible but this is outrageous.I can't play in a game without getting either kicked or losing connection.I even heard VICTORY at Uber volume one time in the menu...Valve...EA...Why...just why...

jackdoe3893d ago

I don't understand how a petition would help. The minute you bought the game, EA stopped giving a sh!t about you since they already had your money. I haven't bought an EA game since MoH Frontlines(a decision I regretted immensely) and will not buy another in the forseeable future.

cp683892d ago

I agree, but why not try?
Is there anything to lose?
No. It's the opposite actually.

Condoleezza Rice3893d ago

I've experienced nothing but Lag,drop-outs,and ridiculous glitches ever since buying this game.The problem is,Valve did a piss poor job on the Online coding of this game,I'd say a good 75% of the time,the game is buggy and absolutely unplayable.

Don't get me started on the balancing issues lol,'cause I can write an entire page worth of this.All I'll say is,the latest update made the Medic class too damn powerful,fix it Valve :)

jadenkorri3893d ago

i know ea did the programming fro PS3, cause valve didn't want to program for PS3/or didn't know the or the other they didn't want to do it....PC version is flawless...360 version i thought they did cause its similar to PC, so its weird that the 360 is having problems also...maybe ea did the programming for both and that would explain everything..

TheIneffableBob3893d ago

Valve did the 360 version themselves, although they didn't go all out on porting it. According to them, they ported the PC code to the 360 platform then reworked some code to make it work. And Valve, as you all know, let EA handle the PS3 version. If you want a flawless Team Fortress 2 experience, you'll have to play it on the PC. Valve are PC developers, and that is the platform they specialize in. The console versions were made for the money.

dexterwang3893d ago

that is very very sad... I have the game for PC and it works flawlessly... how EA manage to screw up such a great game for PS3 is a disgrace

Almost seem like they're doing it on purpose. I mean how the heck can you screw up so many games so badly for the ps3 unless you have the budget of 10$ and a mind of a 5 years old... oh wait its EA

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